Max your cash by getting one of these top-ranked cash back credit cards.

With the #1 card, you can rack up to 3x the cash compared to those at the bottom. (So there’s no need to be stuck with whatever the bank offered you.)

Want to make sure your card fits your specific needs? Consider details, like:

  • Is there a flat cash back rate for every dollar spent? Or…
  • Is there increased cash on specific categories (like gas or groceries) where your spending is higher? (Hint: use our advanced mode search to enter your monthly spending by category.)
  • Is there flexibility on how you get paid? Some option can include cheque, bank deposit, statement credit, gift cards, etc.
  • How often can you cash out?
  • Are there caps or tiers on your earnings?
  • What about sign up bonuses?
  • Does it include any insurance coverage?

When we review 50+ features of each card, we take each of these into consideration, and more. So choosing your credit card can be as easy as looking at one single number: our Genius Rating.

What’s more? With one click of the card, you get instant access to our detailed review.

So, if you think cash is king, and you don’t mind paying an annual fee to get the best net annual return on your spending...

Then this top 10 best cash back credit cards list is the place to start.

Top 10 Cash Back Credit Card Rankings

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