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Cash Back
Travel & Rewards
No Fees
Max Return
Low Interest
Cash Back

When you want simple. Get straight up cash for rewards.

Keep your slider in the middle for flexible rewards.

Travel & Rewards

When you want to travel the world or get freebies on movies, merchandise, etc.

No Fees

Cutting fees is your top priority. Get rewarded for free.

No preference.

Max Return

Get the most rewards for your spending.

Low Interest

Pay off your balance faster. Because debt is never worth the points.

No preference.


Get sign-up bonuses, insurance coverage, lounge access & much more

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I feel confident that the results lined up with what I expected. Really like that I can break down my spending by gas, groceries, drugstores, etc.
Steve V., Ottawa
The first tool with genius score that compares the "soft" side of card benefits such as types of insurance included, flexibility of rewards. All others just simply compared on rewards or cash back.
Alan, Ontario
It is very stripped down and easy to use. The pages communicate a simple, clear, and intentional message; and there aren't any ads, sections of the site, or waffley wording that distracts from that.
Donovan, Alberta
It gives me the results I want, simple and quick.
Bryan P., Ontario
The best and easiest tool I found to compare credit cards, very complete and detailed.
Luiz, Quebec
This is an excellent tool with instantaneous results and crystal clear information.
Carole G., Manitoba
Simple but well laid out site, easy to enter in your personal spend, the ability to enter your income to filter out cards you don't qualify for...
Jon, PEI
Quick easy to use sliders are an excellent touch. Provides info I would use to choose a card.
Ron, Ontario
A very simple and quick way to find credit cards I may consider. Easy to use.
Sharon, Vancouver
I open and close cards all the time for travel this makes it just one stop.
I liked that you could choose different options that you were looking for in a credit card.
It's what I had been hoping for, with details about each card when I want to drill down farther in.

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