Travel rewards are the most lucrative type of credit card rewards there is.

Sounds like a dreamy fantasy, right? Well ok, almost.

To say that travel rewards point systems are complex is an understatement. But here’s the good news:

Our comparison engine removes the tedious guesswork. Because we’ve taken 50+ features of each card into account to calculate one number that rates a credit card out of 5.

Our Genius Rating system is like a supersonic way of reviewing all 50+ features of each credit card in a flash. And if you want more details? We’ve got that, too. We have detailed reviews for each card, including info on:

  • travel insurance coverage,
  • exclusive perks,
  • sign up bonus (if any),
  • annual fee,
  • minimum income,
  • reward flexibility,
  • additional cardholder fee (if any), and more.

Find the best travel credit card for you. With the least hassle possible.

Top 10 Travel Rewards Credit Card Rankings

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