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Do you ever find yourself just wanting to know what gives you the biggest bang for your buck?

Perhaps you don’t really care too much about the insurance package a card has. Or maybe perks and other benefits don’t really matter much to you. All you really care about is how much money is going to end up back in your wallet.

If that sounds anything like you, you have found yourself at the right place.

This list is all about the best rewards!

That being said, many of these Top Rewards Credit Cards actually do come with comprehensive insurance, nice benefits along with some really great rewards. Because, you know, why not?

Take the number one card for instance, the will give you 9 different types of insurance, 24/7 Concierge Service, exclusive Amex offers and experiences, plus the ability to earn up to 5X the rewards on every dollar you spend which is up to an 8.75% return in rewards on your spending.

While the top 10 cards mostly have higher annual fees, there is one card that waives the annual fee for the first year:

Thanks to this you are able to try the card out for a year and see if your spending makes the annual fee worth it.

Tip: To truly find what card will give you the most Annual Rewards for your specific situation, be sure to use our Spending Breakdown Calculator. That way we can be sure to match you with a card that will be the best fit for you.

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