MBNA is the best kept secret in Canadian credit cards.

If you’re a credit card nerd, you likely already have an MBNA card in your wallet. But if credit cards aren’t your passion then you may not have even heard of them…

That’s because they don’t have a big offline presence in people’s everyday lives like the other big banks do.

MBNA is entirely focused on credit cards and used to be a standalone company that issued credit cards around the world. That changed in 2006 when they were acquired by Bank of America – and then later MBNA Canada was sold to TD Bank in 2011.

What makes their cards so good? Few reasons:

  • Incredibly flexible MBNA Rewards program that doubles as cash back.
  • Their amazing low interest rate promotions and credit cards.
  • Lots of included premium insurance coverage – even on no fee cards.
  • Relatively low annual fees when compared to similar cards.

The and the were two of MBNA's most popular cards. And although they have gone through some recent changes, they could still be valuable additions to your wallet – especially if you're looking for a travel credit card with decent insurance.

If cash back is more your thing, MBNA has the and the . Both cards offer cash rewards on all their purchases, plus similar insurance for no to low annual fees.

Then there is the MBNA True Line Mastercard and the MBNA True Line Gold Mastercard. Both cards start you off with a low introductory balance transfer interest rate, giving you a chance to get a handle on any preexisting credit card debt.

Plus, once the low-rate intro period is over, you will still enjoy low purchase and balance transfer rates on both cards, so you don't need to worry about your interest rates shooting up, and you can focus on paying off that debt.

Here’s the full list of MBNA cards that are available to all Canadians:

Best MBNA Credit Cards

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