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Notes from our happy readers

Received the $150 amazon gift code today about 1-2 weeks after full activation. Can verify this is a legit promotion – many thanks CC genius and Scotia!
- Adam
I'm gonna use the Amazon gift card on some Black Friday deals.
- Marlon, British Columbia
Thank you CCG. I got my gift card much earlier than expected and its going towards my Christmas shopping!!
- Jasmine, Ontario
Received my Amazon gift card, which is great as I have been postponing the purchase of various Christmas items!!
- Frank, Ontario
Thanks CCG. Used mine towards a bed, looks like a pretty sweet deal.
- Tyler, Ontario
I was worried about 12 weeks to receive $150 Amazon gift card but it actually arrived one week after the card was approved. It’s perfect time to use them for some Black Friday deals like table saw.
- stouffviller, Ontario
I will use Amazon gift card to buy electronic furnace filter. Thanks
- Wes
Received my gift card today! I’m going to use it to help out as Santa’s elf for a dear friend who has an autistic child and is always struggling to make end’s meet. So this year Santa’s elf will be able to put a few extra books under the tree for my friend’s son. Thanks very much!
- di

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I’ve just been approved for a creditcardGenius Amazon gift card offer. When will I get the Amazon gift card?

As per the Terms and Conditions, please allow up to 12 weeks for us to process your gift card after approval confirmation.

I didn't realize that my Amazon gift card could take up to 12 weeks to arrive – is there a way that you can put a rush on my gift card?

We'll do our best to send your gift card as soon as we have confirmation of your approval, although this process could take up to 12 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Will I be getting my Amazon gift card through the mail, or online?

A notice about Amazon gift cards will be emailed to approved participants at the email address provided. You should have received a confirmation email right after you claimed your gift card from this offers page. Please make sure you confirm your email so we know we have the correct email address. To resend your confirmation email, login here and use the "click here" link, see below:

If you don't see our email in your inbox, check your spam folder.

I just want to make sure that I followed the correct steps to receive the Amazon gift card. Can you confirm that I will be getting my card?

If you have followed these 4 steps, and you’re approved for a creditcardGenius Amazon gift card offer, your gift card will be on the way.

  1. Create your creditcardGenius account: click the "I Want This Deal" button, enter your full name, email address, and password to create your secure creditcardGenius account.
  2. Apply online: click our Apply button to continue to the bank's secure website to complete your credit card application. If you were already logged in, you will have been taken to the application immediately without having to click an Apply button.
  3. Verify your email address: after your credit card application is complete, go to your email inbox and click the confirmation link we will send you to confirm your email address and activate your creditcardGenius account. Make sure to check your SPAM folder (our email subject is "Your creditcardGenius Gift Card Offer").
  4. Get your gift card: if your creditcardGenius Amazon gift card offer credit card application is completed and approved, creditcardGenius will email you with instructions on claiming your $75 gift card within 12 weeks of receiving your new credit card.

I was approved for a creditcardGenius Amazon gift card offer, but I used a different link than the one from this offers page to apply for the card by accident. Will I still be getting my Amazon gift card?

Unfortunately, no. The only way you can qualify for the gift card is by using the link provided on our offers page.

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