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How about trotting around the globe, at a discount?

Yes, it’s possible to fly for free – or almost free – with Aeroplan miles. At least that’s how it should be until June 2020.

Things are up in the air – and until the dust settles, there are no guarantees. But chances are Aeroplan is not going down without a fight to keep their members. In fact, they’ve announced that everyone’s miles are completely secure and that you will still be able to redeem on Air Canada and other new airlines will be added after the 2020 transition date.

The one thing that is still unclear is exactly how many miles will be required to fly post 2020, so be sure to keep an eye on their award chart.

For now, we’ve got a little while left to fly with Aeroplan miles as they still are. And yes, there are some hoops to jump through when booking with Aeroplan, like:

  • limited availability,
  • occasional bad connections,
  • fuel surcharges (depending on oil prices), and also, yes…
  • taxes and fees.

But even with all that, savvy budget world-travellers know that collecting Aeroplan miles has always been a game worth playing. (They didn’t become the most popular airline rewards program in Canada for nothing, y’all. And it’ll be interesting to see what their plans are without Air Canada.)

So is Aeroplan still worth collecting? Time will tell.

But if you want to fly with points before 2020 hits, check out these top Aeroplan credit cards and get your miles at record speed:

Plus a $150 travel bonus.
Offer ends December 21, 2018.

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