Store credit cards can often seem like a much better idea when you are in the store, but then when you get home you realize the interest is high and the rewards are only valuable when you’re at that specific store.

That doesn’t mean store credit cards can’t make sense for some people. Store cards can earn you points or cash back to use at the retail locations you shop most. Air Miles, Canadian Tire Money and Walmart Rewards are just a few of the rewards you can start raking in with these store cards.

Keep an eye out for two main things when considering a store card:

  • Is the reward value you get on everyday purchases competitive with other non-store rewards cards on the market?
  • Are the increased store-specific rewards, bonuses, and exclusive offers for store credit cardholders enough to make up for any shortfalls the card may have?

If you are a regular shopper at Canadian Tire for instance, they regularly have 30x Canadian Tire Money promotions exclusively for Options cardholders that shoots your reward return up from 0.8% to 24%.

Canadian Tire also offers the maximum possible Canadian Tire Money at the gas bar to Options cardholders and sometimes extra bonus money as well.

Those two things make the Canadian Tire Options Mastercard clearly worth it for many people.

Some of these cards also give you big sign up bonuses and the first year free, like the BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, one of these Best Store Credit Cards could be 

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