If insurance coverage and straightforward rewards are what you're after, you've found what you're looking for in the Brim Financial World Elite Mastercard. Enjoy excellent insurance coverage, 2% in rewards for every dollar spent, 0% foreign exchange fees, as well as complimentary LoungeKey membership and Boingo Wi-Fi.

Annual Fee
Extra Card Fee
Card Type
Cash Advance
Balance Transfer
Personal Income
Household Income
Canadian resident who has reached the provincial age of majority.
Extended Warranty 1 year
Purchase Protection 90 days
Mobile Device $1,000
Event Ticket Cancellation $1,000
Travel Accident $500,000
Emergency Medical Term 15 days
Emergency Medical over 65 3 days
Trip Cancellation $2,500
Trip Interruption $5,000
Flight Delay $500
Baggage Delay $1,000
Lost or Stolen Baggage $1,000
Hotel Burglary $1,000
Rental Car Theft & Damage Yes
Rental Car Accident $300,000
Rental Car Personal Effects $2,000

Please review your insurance certificate for details, exclusions and limitations of your coverage.

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Brim World Elite Mastercard review

Brim's most premium card, the Brim World Elite Mastercard, offers great rewards, premium perks and top-notch insurance.

Is the annual fee high? At $199, it is. But it's got plenty to offer as well. It's also waived for the first year right now, so you can try it out risk free.

Here's the lowdown on this card.

Brim World Elite Mastercard rewards

One of the top things with credit cards are the rewards being offered. And this card offers high rewards.

You'll earn a straightforward 2 points per $1 on every purchase for your first $25,000 in annual purchases. Once you've spent $25,000, you'll earn 1 point per $1 spent.

With a point worth 1 cent each, that's a 2% return on your first $25,000 in annual spending, among the top flat cash back earn rates out there.

But there's more. Shop online at more than 150 merchants, and you can earn anywhere from 3% to 30% back in points. Those are some great returns. Just note that when you shop online with Brim's partners, you forgo the card’s regular earn rates.

As for redeeming your rewards? You're in full control when you want to use them. Simply use your points to help pay for any purchase made to the card. Each point is worth one cent each.

And, there's a rock bottom level of points needed to make a redemption – $1 worth. So you can redeem at will with this card.

Welcome bonus

We can't forget the welcome bonus.

You can earn up to $500 worth of rewards after you make your first purchases with select Brim retail partners.

Perks and features of the Brim World Elite Mastercard

All those rewards are great, but more is needed to make a card worth an annual fee of $199.

So here's what else is being offered, and you can decide if that high annual fee is worth it.

Mastercard Airport Experiences by LoungeKey

Need some airport lounge access? You can get access to over 1,000 airport lounges around the world with Mastercard Airport Experiences.

Just note that there are no free passes included, and each visit will cost you $32 USD.

Complimentary Boingo

Need a Wi-Fi hotspot while you're on the go? You'll get complimentary global access to Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots, which has more than 1 million locations around the world.

Insurance coverage

The insurance coverage is hard to beat with this card.

You'll get access to 15 types of insurance coverage – you can view the details by clicking on the insurance tab above.

Brim Mastercards offer a unique insurance not found on other credit cards – event ticket reimbursement. If you can't make that sporting event, concert, or theatre show you already had a ticket for, you can get reimbursed if you have to cancel for any covered reason.

World Elite Mastercard benefits

And you also get all the usual world Elite Mastercard benefits.

Some of these include:

  • Mastercard priceless cities,
  • World Elite Mastercard concierge, and
  • Mastercard World Experiences.

You can learn more about World Elite Mastercard benefits here.

Brim Installment plans

Have a large purchase coming up and want to spread out the payments? The Brim Installment plan is here to help.

On any purchase over $500, simply activate the Brim Installment plan on the Brim App. You can choose between 12 to 24 months to pay back your purchase.

There are a few fees involved. You'll pay a one time fee of 7% of the total price. And, every month you'll also pay a processing fee of 0.475% of the original amount.

No foreign exchange fees

If you leave the country, you're going to love this one. Instead of paying the usual 2.5% fee other credit cards charge when you make a purchase in a foreign currency, this one charges you nothing.

That's right you'll save 2.5% everytime you make a purchase in a currency that isn't in Canadian dollars.

It's up to you

There you have it - the Brim World Elite Mastercard. It's got lots of rewards, perks and insurance.

Is it worth the $199 annual fee? That's up to you.

If you like what you see from Brim but don't want the large annual fee, Brim has 2 other cards for you to check out as well:

What are your thoughts?

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