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If you’re a moviegoer, the Cineplex SCENE Points program is a must have in your wallet. Going to the movies can be pricey, and the SCENE Points program helps cut down on those costs.

Earn points on movie tickets, concessions, digital rentals, and even eating at restaurants.

The best part? Points are easy to use.

They can be redeemed for movie tickets anytime you like, or they can be used for concessions or restaurant discounts. The choice is yours.

Plus, with a great credit card to earn even more SCENE points, you’ll be enjoying free movies on the big screen in no time.

So here’s our guide to getting the most from the Cineplex SCENE Points program.

SCENE Points at a glance

Value of a SCENE point: High: $0.0127 for movies
Low: $0.067 for sports and concert tickets
Ways to redeem SCENE Points: * Movie tickets – 0.8-1.27 cents per points (CPP)
* Cineplex products – 1-1.1 CPP
* Restaurants – 1 CPP
* Transfer to Scotia Rewards – 0.95 CPP
* Sports and concert tickets – 0.67 CPP
How to earn SCENE: * SCENE Loyalty Card
* 2 Credit Cards
Who these rewards are good for: * Moviegoers
Frequently Asked Questions: * Level of flexibility? Low
* Blackout dates? No
* Do rewards expire? No
* Rewards cover taxes and fees? Yes
* Can these rewards be transferred? Yes
* Is there a way to earn rewards faster? Yes

Calculating the value of a SCENE point

There are a few different ways to redeem your SCENE points, but let’s start by talking about the most obvious – free movies.

Redeem for movie tickets: 0.8-1.27 CPP

Redeeming for movie tickets is not only the most popular way to use points, but it’s almost always the most valuable way as well.

But, what you redeem for varies not only with the type of movie you are seeing, but where you are seeing it as well. Pricing at Cineplex theatres varies with where you live. The most expensive tickets are typically found in Vancouver and Toronto, with bigger cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Montreal not far behind.

Please note: To get an average point value based on the range of prices across Canada, we used a ticket price that is between the average and highest ticket prices to account for the fact that the cheaper price options are pretty hard to come across. Be sure to check the prices at your local Cineplex location to get the most accurate value for you. Use this link to find a Cineplex Theatre near you.

General Admission and 3D Movies – 1.02 to 1.27 CPP

Your basic general admission and 3D movies ticket costs 1,250 points. We found an average price of $12.75 for general admission and $15.88 for 3D movies. So, you can get an average value of 1.02 to 1.27 cents per point.

Enhanced Movies – 0.89 to 1.2 CPP

There are many different types of enhanced movies – each costing 2,000 points – but these are the most common ones:

Type of movie Average price Value of 1 point
UltraAVX 3D $17.88 0.89 cents
DBOX $23.88 1.2 cents
Imax $20.25 1 cent

VIP Cinema – 0.8 CPP

Want to enjoy a VIP Cinema experience? For 2,500 points you can. There are very limited number of theatres that have them.

Almost all theatres were $20 for a ticket, a point value of 0.8 cents.

So, we have a wide variety of point values for tickets. For most people, redeeming for a 3D ticket is the best way to go, as it not only requires the fewest points but also provides great value.

Of course, if you love DBox movies, you get good value for you points as well. Just note that the seats are limited for them.

Redeem for other Cineplex products: 1-1.1 CPP

Of course, you can always use your points to help pay for other items like concessions and at

For concessions, redeem 500 points for $5 off.

Also use them to buy digital movie downloads at, where 1,000 points will get you $10 off.

Either way, you get a value of 1 cent per point.

Another way to redeem your points is through a combo that includes both concessions and a movie ticket.

These options will require anywhere from 3,500 to 6,000 points depending on how many people and the type of movie you are redeeming for.

One example is the General Night Out Package. This option costs 3,500 points and includes:

  • 2 general admission tickets,
  • 2 regular soft drinks, and
  • 1 regular popcorn.

Using the average prices that we found for these items, you would normally pay $35 + tax to enjoy this date night.

$35 * 13% tax = $39.55 / 3,500 points = 1.1 cents

Redeem at Cara Restaurants: 1 CPP

SCENE points can also be used if you’re looking to save some money when you go out to eat?

You can actually use your points at Cara restaurants, which include:

  • Swiss Chalet,
  • Harvey’s,
  • Montana’s,
  • East Side Mario’s,
  • MIlestones,
  • Bier Market, and
  • Kelseys.

1,000 points will give you $10 off your bill, a point value of 1 cent.

Transfer points to Scotia Rewards – 0.95 CPP

If you’re looking to transfer your points to another program, the only option is to transfer them to the Scotia Rewards program.

1,000 SCENE points will give you 950 Scotia Rewards points.

With a Scotia Rewards point valued at 1 cent for travel, this gives us a SCENE point value of 0.95 cents.

If you’re eyeing a vacation using Scotia Rewards, this could give you a little points boost to reduce the cost of your trip.

You can also transfer your points the opposite way – Scotia Rewards to SCENE Points – 1,000 Scotia points will give you 770 SCENE points.

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Redeem for sporting and concert tickets – 0.67 CPP

The last way to use your points is to redeem them for tickets to concerts and sporting events through Fanxchange.

2,250 points will give you $15 off your selected tickets.

While this option has the lowest point value, it presents a different way for you to redeem points.

How to earn SCENE points

The easiest way to earn points is by using your loyalty card.

A Cineplex SCENE Points loyalty card

A SCENE card can be presented at Cineplex theatres, on and at Cara restaurants to earn SCENE points.

On Cineplex products

Using your card at Cineplex theatres will earn you:

  • 125 points for general admission and 3D movies,
  • 200 points for a premium movie, and
  • 250 points for VIP experience.

Plus, you’ll earn 5 points for every dollar you spend on concessions, as well as earning 10 points for every dollar spent at for any movie purchases or rentals.

One last bonus. With a SCENE card, you’ll also save an additional 10% on already discounted Cineplex Tuesdays.

Cara Restaurants

You can also earn points by presenting your loyalty card at Cara restaurants.

There is no set offer, but there are often bonus offers that you can get. You’ll need to activate this offer prior to entering the restaurant in order to take advantage.

Offers change all the time, but here you can view the current offers available.


Purchase tickets to sporting events and concerts at will also get you some SCENE points.

You’ll earn 1,000 points for every $100 you spend – enough for one free general admission ticket.

Transfer from Scotia Rewards

As mentioned above, you can also transfer points from your Scotia Rewards account to your SCENE account.

1,000 Scotia Rewards will get you 770 SCENE points.

Scotiabank SCENE Visa

Finally, you’ll be able to earn even more points by using the .

Earn points for every dollar you spend with this card:

  • 5 points at Cineplex theatres and, and
  • 1 point everywhere else.

Plus, as part of signing up, you’ll get 2,500 points when you spend $500 in the first 3 months.

All for no annual fee. If you love going to the movies, this card is an absolute must. If your average point value is 1.05 cents, your return on spend at Cineplex theatres is 5.25%, the highest you’ll get just for going to the movies.

And for no annual fee, Scotiabank makes it easy for you to carry it in your wallet.

Students, you’ll be happy to know that there is also a student version of this great card.

It’s one of our highest rated student cards, and if the movies are an activity you enjoy, this card may be for you.

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SCENE questions and answers

Here are some common questions and answers about the SCENE Points program.

How flexible are these rewards?

These points can only be used at Cineplex and Recipe Unlimited restaurants. However, these points are quite flexible at these locations.

Are there blackout dates?

No, the SCENE Points program has no blackout dates. As long as there’s an empty seat in the theatre you’ll be able to use your points.

Do these rewards expire?

No, provided you accumulate or redeem your points once every 2 years.

Can you use points to cover taxes & fees?

Yes, points can be used to cover taxes and fees of any purchase.

Can these rewards be transferred?

You can transfer your SCENE points to Scotia Rewards.

Is there a way to earn rewards faster?

Yes, by using both your loyalty card and SCENE credit card.

This program has a lot to offer

The Cineplex SCENE Points program offers a great way to get free movie tickets.

Plus, with the ability to use your points for concessions, online movie rentals, and at restaurants, it’s easy to find ways to use your points.

What about you? Do you participate in the SCENE Points program?

Let us know how experiences have been in the comments section below.