The most common grievance against American Express cards?

… is that they’re not accepted everywhere.

Amex charges merchants more than Visa or MasterCard for each sale, and because of this, sometimes merchants will choose not to accept payment with an American Express card.

Here’s the thing. A quick credit card comparison and you’ll see that Amex cards nail it when it comes to rewards.

American Express is also one of the only issuers who will allow you to earn extra rewards by referring people. So you can supercharge your rewards when you refer friends and family. (The caveat? They need to be approved for you to get your bonus rewards.)

And for more rewards on top of what your card offers, there's Amex Offers. You can earn bonus cash back when you make purchases through select merchants. To see what offers are available, you can find them here.

Then the fun perks - like American Express Invites and Front Of The Line reservations - don’t hurt either...Plus these two other things unique to Amex:

  • They’re both the Network and the Issuer, making them more in control of their products.
  • They carry charge cards as well as credit cards. (Charge cards have no pre-set spending limits, because the balance must be paid in full every month.)

The rewards, the perks, and the premium service from Amex, has earned them a solid customer base - attractive to merchants and retailers.

Tip: Still concerned about limits on Amex acceptance? Pair it up with a Mastercard or a Visa for any payments or locations that do not accept Amex.

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