Spending at Walmart just got easier with this Rewards Mastercard that lets you earn Walmart money with every dollar you spend.

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Canadian resident who has reached the provincial age of majority.
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Walmart Mastercard Canada review

If your favourite Canadian retail giant is Walmart, then a credit card that allows you to earn Walmart "money" might be right for you.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard – earning rewards

With the Walmart Rewards Mastercard, you can earn Walmart "money" on all your purchases – no matter where you shop. With this card you'll earn:

  • 1.25% back on all purchases at Walmart and
  • 1% back on purchases everywhere else.

The rewards you earn can be redeemed for purchases at Walmart registers (including Walmart Supercenters) and online. If this is where you prefer to shop for groceries, this could be a great way to save quite a few bucks.

1 Walmart Rewards dollar = $1 to spend at Walmart

Walmart Mastercard annual fee and secondary cards

And since this card has no annual fee, it's nice to see a sign-up bonus worth $25 in Walmart Rewards.

You'll get the first $15 after you've made 2 purchases:

  • 1 in store and
  • 1 online.

You'll get another $10 when you switch to electronic statements after your first 2 statements are received. Not huge, but better than nothing.

Plus, you can add secondary cards for free, letting you and your household build up your Walmart Rewards even faster.

Walmart Mastercard interest rates

For purchases, the Walmart Rewards Mastercard has a 19.89% interest rate.

As for cash advances, you'll get a slightly lower interest than most credit cards at 21.49% (compared to 22.99%).

Walmart Mastercard income requirements

Perhaps one of the most convenient perks of the Walmart Mastercard is its low income requirements of only $12,000 personal.

This helps make this credit card accessible to most Canadians.

The downsides

The rewards earned with this card can only be redeemed at Walmart, but thankfully they never expire, and they can be used at any time in $5 increments.

This card has neither purchase or transfer insurance, so if these things are important to you, this card might not be the one for you.

Walmart Mastercard alternatives

If you're looking for a card that will give you an even better return with cash back that you can use wherever you want, the will give you 1.25% back on all your purchases – not just at Walmart.

Another great alternative is the . If you shop at Walmart supercentres, it will give you 2% cash back for no fee – a 0.75% bonus from the Walmart Rewards Mastercard. All you have to do is select "groceries" as 1 of your 2 bonus categories.

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