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The is one of our favourite no fee cash back credit cards.

Why? It puts you in control of how you earn your cash back. You get to choose 2 categories from a list of 10 to earn 2% cash back, then 0.5% on all other purchases.

Even better? You can also change your categories as your spending patterns change. (For an in-depth look at how your cards are earning you rewards, take our Rate Your Wallet quiz.)

Have a Tangerine bank account? You get to select a 3rd category to earn your EXTRA rewards in. If you don’t have one, you can sign up here – it’s free.

And, there’s no limit to how much you can earn, even on your 2% categories. Plus, with rewards that are paid out every month, you won’t have to wait for the standard annual payout to get your cash back in your pocket.

The only thing missing was a sign-up bonus…that is, until now.

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Tangerine Mastercard’s limited-time sign-up bonus

The will now let you earn 4% cash back on your 2 (or 3) bonus categories for the first 3 months, on new accounts opened until January 31, 2020.

And the best part? There’s no limit to the amount of 4% cash back you can earn either.

This basically gives this card an unlimited sign-up bonus. If you have any big expenses coming up that falls in one of the 10 categories, you might want to consider taking advantage of this rare deal.

Have a large, DIY home renovation project coming up?

Heading out on a holiday that will net you a large hotel bill?

Sprucing up your house with some new furniture?

Select the best category for your extra earnings and get 4% unlimited cash back for any of them.

It makes an already great card even better.

Cash back credit cards welcome bonuses

And while it is a great offer, it’s not the only one available. Here are some other cash back cards that will also give you plenty of cash back for opening a new account.

Just note all other cards have a limit on how much bonus cash back you can earn.

Credit Card Welcome Bonus Earn Rate Annual Fee Apply Now
Tangerine Money Back Mastercard 4% cash back (terms) Up to 2% $0 Apply Now
American Express SimplyCash Preferred 5% cash back for the first 6 months, up to $6,000 in spend (terms) 2% $99 Apply Now
American Express SimplyCash 2.5% cash back for the first 3 months, up to $6,000 in spend (terms) 1.25% $0 Apply Now
Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite 10% cash for the first 3 months, up to $2,000 in spend (terms) Up to 4% $99 Apply Now
BMO CashBack Mastercard 5% cash back for the first 3 months, up to $2,000 in spend (terms) 1% $0 Apply Now

American Express SimplyCash Preferred

One of our top cash back cards, the not only has a great sign up bonus, but also the best flat cash back earn rate available.

First as part of signing up, get a welcome bonus rate of 5% cash back for the first 6 months, on up to $300 in cash back earned – one of the top welcome bonuses for any cash back card in Canada.

Once your welcome bonus rate ends, earn a straightforward 2% cash back on the rest of your purchases – no limits, no restrictive categories.

Plus, with Amex perks like Amex Invites, Front Of The Line, as well as good insurance package, Amex offers a lot for a cash back card.

All for an annual fee of $99 and no income requirements.

American Express SimplyCash

Amex’s no fee version of their cash back card also comes with a good welcome earn rate.

The comes with a welcome earn rate of 2.5% for the first 3 months, on up to $150 in cash back earned.

Once your welcome rate ends, you’ll earn a straightforward 1.25% on all purchases – a great flat rate for a no fee card.

Bonus: This card pairs well with the . Use the Tangerine Mastercard at your chosen categories, and this one everywhere else to maximize the amount of cash back you earn for no annual fee.

Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite

Want the highest possible bonus earn rate? The right now offers 10% cash back in the first 3 months, on up to $200 in cash back earned.

But that’s not what makes this our top rated cash back card. What you earn on day-to-day purchases is what separates it from the pack:

  • 4% cash back on gas and groceries,
  • 2% on drugstores and recurring bills, and
  • 1% on everything else.

Earning up to 4% on your necessities really helps spotlight this card as a great choice for your wallet.

And as one last bonus, the first year is currently free. For a top cash back card, it’s hard to beat.

BMO CashBack Mastercard

Another no fee option that includes a good welcome bonus is the .

You’ll earn 5% cash back on your purchases, up to $100 in cash back earned. Afterwards, earn an easy 1% cash back on all of your purchases.

And unlike most other cash back cards, you can get your rewards paid out as soon as you collect $50 worth.