If it’s a Mastercard you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Because here, we’ve got a complete list of Mastercards available in Canada.

The choice between Mastercard and Visa often comes down to personal preference...and careful consideration of what’s most important to you.

There are different tiers of MasterCards:


The most basic, and the most easily accessible, Mastercard available. No minimum income required and has no or a low annual fee.


With annual fees ranging from $0 to $125, the Platinum cards offer cardholders a little more than your standard Mastercard. Most offer a fairly good insurance package and the ability to earn rewards. The best part? There is no minimum income requirement.


Prestige comes with these cards, along with Priceless Cities, Airport lounge access, concierge and comprehensive insurance. Annual fees are usually $100 and under – although there are a few exceptions. There is a minimum income requirement of $60,000 for individuals or $100,000 family income.

World Elite

Often with an annual fee of $100 and above, the World Elite cards come with all of the above benefits as well as increased rewards, World Elite Luxury Travel Benefits, and Mastercard Global Premium Service.

For the World Elite cards there is usually a minimum income requirement of $80,000 or a minimum family income requirement of $150,000. There are still a few cards out there with $70,000 personal and $120,000 family minimum incomes though.

With each tier giving you more prestige than the tier before.

Here are other benefits Mastercard offers:

  • Shopping protection which includes price protection,extended warranty, and product protection.
  • Personal protection that keeps you from having to pay for fraudulent charges.
  • Travel assistance and airport lounge access.
  • Travel protection and insurance.
  • Special Offers from Mastercard Priceless Cities.

Mastercard Credit Cards in Canada

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