Originally founded as a mortgage lender, Home Trust has branched out to offer other financial products, 1 of them being credit cards.

And while their selection of cards is small, they pack some punch, with a no fee, no foreign exchange card, and 2 different secured credit cards.

Here's an overview of what Home Trust Visa cards have to offer.

Home Trust Credit CardEarn RatesAnnual and foreign exchange fees
Home Trust Preferred Visa1% cash back on eligible purchases* No annual fee
* 0% foreign exchange fee
Home Trust Secured VisaNone* No annual fee
* 2% foreign exchange fee
Home Trust Secured Visa (Low Rate)None* $59 annual fee
* 2% foreign exchange fee

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Home Trust Preferred Visa

One of the few credit cards that offers both no annual fee and no foreign exchange fees is the .

When Chase shut down their Amazon Visa, Home Trust launched in time to offer a replacement card, and it has been popular ever since.

Why has it been popular? The big selling point has been, and continues to be, no foreign exchange fees. You'll save the standard 2.5% charge most credit cards apply to purchases made in a foreign currency.

But there's more than just the foreign exchange fee savings. You'll also earn a straightforward 1% cash back on all eligible purchases, with no limits. Just note that you won't earn cash back on purchases made in foreign currency.

This card also includes complimentary roadside assistance, allowing you to get assistance up to 4 times per year should you not be able to enter your vehicle, or if you need a boost or require towing.

And, it also has some basic insurance, including purchase protection and car rental theft and damage.

And you get all of this for no annual fee.

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Home Trust Secured Visa

Need help repairing your credit file? Home Trust offers the .

Simply apply online and send in your security deposit, and Home Trust will send you a credit card that you can use to make purchases. Using a secured credit card like this helps you slowly start to repair your credit file.

Your credit limit is the amount of your security deposit, which can range from $500 to $10,000. When you close your account, your deposit is returned to you, assuming you've made all of your payments.

This card has no annual fee, and doesn't offer any rewards, but it does offer a slightly lower foreign exchange fee of 2%.

Home Trust offers another version of this card that you’ll want to consider if you think you’ll ever end up carrying a balance on the card – the .

For an annual fee of $59 (or $5 per month), you'll get a lower standard interest on purchases of 14.99% (compared to 19.99% for the regular version).

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Frequently asked questions about Home Trust credit cards

Here are some frequently asked questions on Home Trust credit cards.

What kinds of credit cards does Home Trust offer?

Home Trust offers a cash back Visa, and a secured Visa that has a low interest rate option.

How long does it take to get approved for a Home Trust credit card?

One of the biggest complaints about Home Trust is the approval process. It can take between 2-4 weeks before you find out if you have been approved for the Preferred Visa. For the secured cards it depends on how long it takes to process your application and when you send in your deposit.

How can I apply for a Home Trust Visa?

You can use the secure links on our site. Click on any "Apply" button, and you'll be taken directly to Home Trust's site to complete your application. Click on "Learn More," and you'll be able to see more details about the card, where another "Apply" button can take you to Home Trust.

Are Home Trust Visa cards available in Quebec?

At this time, no. Home Trust Visa cards are not available in Quebec.

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