Whether you’re a student or not, the National Bank MC1 Mastercard could be the perfect card to help you build your credit. With no annual fee and basic purchase insurance, the MC1 Mastercard is National Bank's most accessible credit card.

Annual Fee
Extra Card Fee
Card Type
Cash Advance
Balance Transfer
Personal Income
Household Income
Canadian resident who has reached the provincial age of majority.
Extended Warranty 1 year
Purchase Protection 90 days

Please review your insurance certificate for details, exclusions and limitations of your coverage.

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Our Review

If you're looking for a "starter" credit card, the National Bank MC1 Mastercard is one that lets cardholders build up their credit history while offering security and peace of mind.

Build your credit history – not just for students

Although the National Bank MC1 Mastercard is sometimes seen as a student credit card, you don't need to be a student to apply for it.

Instead, this card is perfect if you're looking to:

  • get your first credit card,
  • build your credit history, or
  • add a basic no fee card to your wallet.

The perks of owning a credit card

Credit cards are a secure and effective mode of payment, and the National Bank MC1 Mastercard will add to this security by covering your purchases with purchases insurance.

That's right. Not only will this credit card double the manufacturer’s warranty for up to an extra year, but it will also give you 90 days of purchase protection.

Your MC1 Mastercard will also give you access to one-of-a-kind Mastercard Priceless Cities experiences in the cities you live and travel like:

  • Montreal,
  • Toronto,
  • Paris,
  • Miami, and
  • New York.

Plus, this card has no annual fee and you can also add secondary cardholders for free.

Not sure this card is for you?

As a starter credit card, the National Bank MC1 Mastercard won't give you any credit card rewards. If you’re looking for a no fee National Bank card that does, you should check out the .

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