• Earn 1% cash back with every purchase.
  • No limit to the amount of cash back you can earn.
  • 0% foreign currency conversion charge on purchases abroad.
  • Car Rental Collision Insurance and Purchase Security Insurance included.
  • Roadside Assistance at no extra cost.
  • No annual fee.
Purchase Protection 90 days
Rental Car Theft & Damage

Please review your insurance certificate for details, exclusions and limitations of your coverage.

Our Review

Cards with no foreign transaction fee are few and far between. With the recent drop off of Chase cards from the Canadian market, we have been hoping for a card that offers the same convenience...

And it's finally (officially) here!

Turns out this card has been around for quite some time but was completely flying under the radar. It wasn't marketed broadly across Canada but instead primarily to Home Trust's existing mortgage customers. That's now changed, and they're opening up applications to a much wider audience.

The Preferred Visa from Home Trust is currently the single best card on the Canadian credit card market that doesn't charge a foreign transaction fee, saving cardholders around 2.5% each time they make a purchase in any foreign currencies (whether in stores or online).

The only other card to do the same? It's the EquityLine Visa also from Home Trust, but that one must be tied to your house like a mortgage so it isn't something everyone can qualify for.

There's even better news though. The Home Trust Preferred Visa is a cash back card, allowing cardholders to earn 1% cash back on all their purchases - and there are no restrictions and no limits to the cash back that you can earn.

Another thing that completely sets this card apart from the competition is that there is Roadside Assistance included at no extra cost - that's unheard of for a no fee card.

Finally, the card does have a few insurances included, which is a nice little added bonus (check the Insurance Coverage tab, for details). Car Rental Collision Insurance and Purchase Security Insurance offer cardholders a little peace of mind, although there are cards out there with better insurance packages.

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