Consolidate your cards, make purchases, and save with this low fee, low interest card.

Annual Fee
Extra Card Fee
Card Type
Cash Advance
Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer
Transfer Term
6 months
Personal Income
Household Income
Canadian resident who has reached the provincial age of majority.
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Our Review

When it comes to your credit card needs, is saving money on interest your main concern?

Do you find yourself forgetting (or struggling) to get your card balance paid off by the end of every month?

Do you find yourself cursing yourself when you make a payment and realize that 20% of your hard earned money is just going to the bank and not putting any dent in your credit card balance?

Do you have any pre existing credit card debt that you could pay down much faster without those giant interest payments getting in the way?

If you find yourself relating to any of these statements, the Scotiabank Value Visa could be the card that will end your card search. (Although, with ANY credit card, paying off your balance at the end of every month should be your number one concern).

With an annual fee of only $29 and the ability to add secondary cardholders for free, this card doesn’t rank super high in rewards and perks. In fact, there is no reward program for this card, and the only added extra you are going to be enjoying at the end of the day is up to 25% in discounts when renting a car at Avis.

What this card lacks in perks, however, it makes up for with it’s low interest rates and balance transfer introductory rate.

This card gives you a permanent interest rate of 12.99% on all purchases and balance transfers. That could add up to some big savings!

And this card gives you an introductory balance transfer rate of only 1.99% for 6 months.

If you really want to use this offer to its fullest, we would suggest that you transfer your pre existing credit card debt to the card, and pay as much (hopefully all) as you can for that 6 month intro rate. When that 6 month period is over, you can start using the card as you normally would. (Just try to be sure not to make any of these common credit card mistakes.)

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