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The following rules form part of the Terms, and apply to your use of the Site if you decide to take the creditcardGenius Challenge (the "Challenge"), and/or if you refer a friend through the Site (“Refer a Friend”).

  1. The Challenge is a limited-time promotion where users submit answers to questions about their current credit cards, spending habits, credit score, etc., and are then provided with a list of their top cards that are best for them (a "Top Card"). For example, a Top Card can either be one of their existing credit cards or another credit card that might have better rewards or lower annual fees than a user’s current credit card(s).
  2. If a user does not accept a Top Card as being the best credit card for them, by clicking "No" when prompted with the question “have we found your #1 credit card?”, the user will be eligible to receive a one-time payment of $5, via PayPal.
  3. Before such payment is made to a user, the user will be asked to provide written feedback stating each Top Card is not the best credit card for them, and will also be required to confirm that a Top Card is not the best credit card for them.
  4. If a user accepts a Top Card as better than a user’s current credit card, by clicking "Yes" when prompted with the question “have we found your #1 credit card?”, the user will be eligible to refer friends to complete the Challenge, with the user receiving $5, via PayPal, for each referred friend who in turn successfully completes the Challenge.
  5. Referrals can be made by providing an email address of a friend or family member of a user, or through sharing of a personalized link by a user.
  6. Referrals made through provision of an email address must only be made to individuals who are family members or friends of the user making such referrals. Users will be asked to confirm that any emails provided through the Challenge are email addresses associated with friends or family of the user.
  7. There is no limit to the number of referrals each user can make, but each user is only eligible to receive a total of $25 (for five (5) successful referrals). For example, a user who makes eight (8) referrals, and all eight (8) referred individuals successfully complete the Challenge, will be eligible for a total of $25, not $40 (8 x $5). If the same user made eight (8) referrals but only four (4) referred individuals successfully complete the Challenge, the user would be eligible for a total of $20 (4 x $5).
  8. Any user of the Site can participate in the Challenge, provided he or she is of the age of majority or a legal adult in the jurisdiction in which the individual resides and such jurisdiction does not impose any rules or conditions upon the Challenge in addition to these Terms.
  9. In our absolute discretion, we can refuse payment to any Challenge participant, or to any user for any and all successful referrals, if we determine there is any fraudulent activity associated with use of the Site, of the Challenge, or with respect to any referrals, or if in our determination a user is in any way not complying with the Terms.
  10. In our absolute discretion, and at any time, we may end or suspend the Challenge or the Site functionality that allows users to refer friends. We also reserve the right to limit the total amount of payments to be made to users as part of the Challenge or through referrals.
  11. Your participation in the Challenge requires having an active PayPal account and is subject to the rules and terms associated with your PayPal account, including PayPal’s privacy policy. We reserve the right to cancel any PayPal transfers that are not redeemed within thirty (30) days.

These Terms were last updated September 30, 2019, are effective immediately, and replace any previously published terms. These Terms may be changed at any time at our discretion. Should we update these Terms, we will post the updates to this page.

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