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Low Fees
Low Interest
Cash Back

When you want simple. Get straight up cash for rewards.

Keep your slider in the middle for flexible rewards.

Travel & Rewards

When you want to travel the world or get freebies on movies, merchandise, etc.

No Fees

Cutting fees is your top priority. Get rewarded for free.

No preference.

Max Return

Get the most rewards for your spending.

Low Interest

Pay off your balance faster. Because debt is never worth the points.

No preference.


Get sign-up bonuses, insurance coverage, lounge access & much more


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How do we get our Genius Ratings?

We take over 126+ features of nearly every Canadian credit card and analyze them with our impartial scoring algorithm. And we don't just look at rewards either, we take everything into account, including insurance, fees, flexibility, and even reviews left by people like you.

Finally, we meld those details with your personal preferences to create a custom matchmaking score out of 5 for every card, just for you.

Learn more about our Genius Rating Methodology here.

What is a Genius Rating anyhow?

We like to keep things simple, so we do all the hard math for you behind the scenes.

We've identified over 126 credit card features, and our proprietary algorithm distills those into a Genius Rating for each card, ranging from 0 to 5. And these scores are further tweaked based on the features you are most interested in, guaranteeing that we'll always recommend the best cards for you.

Learn more about our Genius Rating Methodology here.

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