• Earn 2% Money-Back on purchases in up to 3 categories of your choice.
  • Earn 0.5% Money-Back on all other purchases.
  • Receive your rewards monthly, as you earn them, with no limit or cap on how much you can earn.
  • Change your 2% Money-Back categories as your spending habits change.
  • Shop with ease knowing your purchases are covered by Tangerine‚Äôs Purchase Assurance and Extended Warranty.
Extended Warranty 1 year
Purchase Protection 90 days

Please review your insurance certificate for details, exclusions and limitations of your coverage.

Our Review

Tangerine might not be a name you know very well, but Tangerine is a bank that hopes to stand apart from the big banks and gain customers thanks to their lack of banking fees, modern technology, and great customer service.

The Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card is a no fee cash back credit card that could really be worth taking a closer look at.

Tangerine puts you in control by letting you choose where you want to earn the most cash back. You can earn 2% cash back in up to 3 spending categories that you yourself select. They even let you change those bonus categories as your spending habits change. This is the only card on the Canadian market that has this unique feature.

Granted, the 0.5% on all other purchases isn't great, but if you know you spend heavily in two or three categories, you could really use this card to your benefit.

Another option to max your cash is to combine the Tangerine card with another top no fee cash back credit card. Consider the SimplyCash Card from American Express that gives 1.25% cash back on ALL your purchases, and 5% on gas and groceries for the first 6 months. Simply use your Tangerine card where you'll get your 2% reward and your Amex for everything else so you never drop below 1.25%.

With either card, there is no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn. And with this card, you don't have to wait around for a full year to collect your cash. Your cash is automatically paid to you each month, letting you spend them as you earn them.

You also get the added bonus of purchase protection and extended warranty on all of your purchases, so you can make purchases with confidence.

All that being said, this card does have a few problems...

For starters, there is no sign up bonus - something that quite a few other no fee cash back cards offer. Then there is the insurance, with only 2 types, this card doesn't have the best insurance package but it isn't terrible for a no fee card.

Finally, the only way you can get all three spending categories is if you have a Tangerine banking account. Otherwise you are left with only two categories at 2% and on everything else you are only getting 0.5% cash back.

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