The Rogers World Elite Mastercard will give you up to 4% cash back on your purchases and solid insurance, for no annual fee.

Annual Fee
Extra Card Fee
Card Type
Cash Advance
Balance Transfer
Personal Income
Household Income
Canadian resident who has reached the provincial age of majority.
Extended Warranty 1 year
Purchase Protection 90 days
Emergency Medical Term 10 days
Emergency Medical over 65 3 days
Trip Cancellation $1,000
Trip Interruption $1,000
Rental Car Theft & Damage Yes

Please review your insurance certificate for details, exclusions and limitations of your coverage.

If we find your match, we’ll give you up to $25 when you refer your friends.*

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Our Review

The Rogers World Elite Mastercard stands out among the crowd because of its solid cash back earn rate of 1.75% on all purchases coupled with no annual fee.

What might be considered the second-most attractive feature of this card is its earn rates for purchases made in a foreign currency. You get 4% cash back for every dollar spent, offsetting the usual 2.5% foreign exchange fee and netting 1.5% back.

And for each dollar you charge in Rogers affiliated products to your card, you'll get 2% cash back. It also comes with a small sign up bonus of $25.

A relatively new feature of the card: you can redeem your cash back anytime for a statement credit once you've accumulated $20.

The huge downside? You're locked into that $80,000 individual minimum income requirement just to qualify, or $150,000 as a household which isn't much better. That puts it out of reach for nearly 75% of the Canadian population.

Want a card that has a better earn rate and no minimum income requirements? The has a level-headed 2% earn rate on absolutely all purchases, no income requirements, and a higher sign-up bonus – earn 5% cash back on all purchases made in the first 6 months, on the first $6,000 in spending.

Plus, it has a better insurance package, with up to 9 types of purchase and travel protection. And, get access to American Express Invites, featuring front of the line access to concert ticket presales.

Even with its $99 price tag, if you spend enough on the card, you'd still come out on top.

Looking for foreign exchange fee relief?

The is great if you're a frequent traveler and the is the ticket if you want no fees, no income requirements, cash back, free roadside assistance, and 0% foreign transaction fees.

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