Enjoy collecting AIR MILES rewards with this No Fee card that is accepted almost everywhere.

Annual Fee
Extra Card Fee
Card Type
Cash Advance
Balance Transfer
Balance Transfer
Transfer Term
9 months
Personal Income
Household Income
Canadian resident who has reached the provincial age of majority.
Extended Warranty 1 year
Purchase Protection 90 days

Please review your insurance certificate for details, exclusions and limitations of your coverage.

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Our Review

If you're tired of missing out on miles, the BMO AIR MILES Mastercard could be the answer. Because this card allows you to earn 1 mile for every $20 spent...everywhere.

But first, let's do a mini recap...

The AIR MILES recap

Despite the bad press that AIR MILES went through in the last few years, many Canadians still choose to collect them. Offering cardholders plenty of flexibility, AIR MILES can be used in two main ways:

AIR MILES Reward Type What you can use it for
Cash Rewards Cardholders can use miles collected to pay for purchases directly at participating retailers, in store and online. Some of those retailers include: Sobeys, Shell, Rona, and Safeway.
Dream Rewards Cardholders can use miles collected for travel, event tickets, attractions, and merchandise online and in store.

If you have been collecting AIR MILES for a while (maybe since they were founded in 1992), you know that miles are not given at every store – which can be frustrating. If you're spending $$, you should be rewarded for it.

And that is where having an AIR MILES credit card can really pay off.

BMO AIR MILES Mastercard Rewards

The BMO AIR MILES Mastercard will let you earn miles everywhere you shop – even those locations where you may have been missing out on miles for the last 26 years.

So, how do you know if this BMO Mastercard could be right for you?

Well, if any of these points sound like you, keep reading:

Extra Rewards, Insurance, and a Bonus

On top of getting 1 mile for every $20 spent, BMO will also give cardholders extra rewards when they shop at any participating AIR MILES partner locations – 2x the rewards. Not bad for a no fee card. Plus getting up to 800 miles just for signing up? That’s nothing to sneeze at.

(Side Note: If you're curious about how far AIR MILES can get you, be sure to check out the "Where Can I Fly" AIR MILES page ‒ and start dreaming up the great trip you'll be able to book with the miles you earn with your card.)

As for insurance, you get 1 year extended warranty and 90 days purchase protection, which isn't the best out there – but for a no fee credit card, it's still a nice add-on.

And finally, the BMO AIR MILES Mastercard does allow you to add secondary users to your account – at no extra cost.

But the downside?

The earn rate for this card is only 1 Mile for every $20 spent – a standard for a no fee AIR MILES card.

There are only 2 types of insurance coverage included for this card: purchase protection for 90 days, and extended warranty – which is unfortunate because premium BMO cards are known for their impressive insurance packages.

If you’re looking for an AIR MILES credit card – and haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for – check out our Best AIR MILES Credit Cards rankings.

Or if you’re thinking that AIR MILES might not be your thing, and would prefer to earn cash back, you should definitely check out the .

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