Our mission is to help people find the right credit card for them.

To do that, we’re tracking a growing database of over 178 Canadian credit cards including over 126 features each card may offer – and let our algorithm crunch the numbers producing our Genius Rating that rates a card between 1 to 5.

Our content team decides what articles to write and publish on our blog. But when it comes to our Genius Rating? It’s completely free of editorial influence ‒ the numbers are what they are based on how good a card is.

At least on paper.

So we launched our User Review feature – because we need your help.

Our Genius Rating can rank all cards objectively and takes into account features that are important to you ‒ but only you can share about things we can’t measure like the approval process and customer service.

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Why your review counts

Here are the three main reasons why user reviews are important:

  • Consumers looking out for each other. It’s hard to know who to trust online (and even offline). Getting product feedback not just from one person, but from a number of real people helps everyone make better decisions. Sharing your experience helps others make more informed choices.
  • Consumers helping companies improve on their products. Thoughtful, constructive and detailed reviews can help companies provide better products and services that will hopefully change the overall credit card landscape. We’re inclined to believe that most people, and most companies, would prefer to do good – to make a positive difference. Good companies want to listen if we make them aware of where and how to improve.
  • Consumers letting companies know what they’re doing right. Because it’s not all bad. Some companies out there make it their mission to genuinely wow their clients. And if you’re someone who has a reliable product and/or has received amazing service – then yes, others should know about it. And also the company should hear about it. Why? Because companies are made of people. And a pat on the back is just plain nice.

Giveaway winners announced

To make the review process fun, we ran a 2-week giveaway which ended last Thursday. Here are the 15 winners of a $15 Cineplex e-gift card:

  • Dinesh, Toronto, ON
  • Barry, Toronto, ON
  • Dustin, Saskatoon, SK
  • Sheilagh, Woodstock, ON
  • Paul, Saskatoon, SK
  • Julie, Coquitlam, BC
  • Antonio, Mississauga, ON
  • Jonathan, Castlegar, BC
  • Scott, Seaforth, ON
  • Susan, Newmarket, ON
  • Cathy, Innerkip, ON
  • Chrissy, North Vancouver, BC
  • Doug, Cold Lake, AB
  • Charles, Montreal, QC
  • Tanya, Campbellford, ON

Thank you

To everyone who wrote detailed, honest and helpful credit card reviews ‒ thank you. Your reviews help everyone make smarter decisions about which cards to put in their wallets.

We’ve also read some very detailed, on-point and impressive credit card analysis – and if you’re as passionate about credit cards as we are, let’s be friends!