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Looking to get some food while trying to stay home? Uber Eats and Door Dash will deliver food right to your doorstep, so you can keep up the social distancing without dining exclusively on microwavable meals.

And if you’re an AIR MILES collector, there’s some good news – both have a new partnership in place to help you use Cash Reward Miles to take a bite out of your bill.

AIR MILES is now partnered with Uber Eats and Door Dash

So how will these new partnerships work?

You can redeem your Cash Miles for an eVoucher with both services. 190 miles will give you a $20 voucher, giving you the standard Cash Miles redemption value of 10.5 cents per mile.

Here’s how to redeem for both services.

Using AIR MILES for Uber Eats

To get your voucher for Uber Eats, head to this site, sign in, and order your voucher.

In the Uber Eats app, tap “promotions” and enter your gift card code. You’ll then be able to use your code on your next order.

Full details, terms, and exclusions are on the AIR MILES page for Uber Eats.

Using AIR MILES for Door Dash

For Door Dash, head to this site, sign in and order your voucher.

Sign in to your Door Dash App, or go to Head to account then credits and gift cards. Enter your gift card pin number.

Again, the full details, terms, and exclusions are on the AIR MILES page for Door Dash.

How to collect AIR MILES Cash

If you don’t have any Cash Miles, you currently won’t be able to redeem for these vouchers.

For information on switching your AIR MILES earning preferences from Dream to Cash (or a combination of both), this post has details on making the switch.

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Your thoughts

It’s always nice to see reward programs making new partnerships, and at this time they’re particularly good ones to use.

Will you be taking advantage of these new partnerships?