Are you like me and looking for something more from your cash back card?

Are you tired of cash back cards that only give you statement credits once per year?

Then TD has a credit card for you to consider.

The not only offers great earn rates on basics, such as recurring bills, groceries, and gas, but also gives you some great extras such as free roadside assistance, travel insurance and discounts on car rentals.

And yes, thankfully, you can redeem your cash back anytime you like to pay down your credit card balance. Say goodbye to only getting cash back once per year when it’s not convenient for you.

Not to mention a great welcome bonus to boost your cash back when you get the card.

If a no fee card is more your thing, TD gives 2 options for earning cash back rewards:

  • The TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card qualifies for an annual fee waiver for the primary card and one supplementary card if you’re an all-inclusive banker with TD, or
  • TD does have a no fee cash back option: the .

But the big question is, how do these cards compare to the competition?

Does TD possess a Genius-worthy line of cash back cards?

Let’s go over the details, put them to the test, and see how they stack up.

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TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card

The cash back rewards are centred on your everyday basic spending items: recurring bills, groceries and gas.

To get you started, you’ll earn 6% on all purchases (up to $2,000 in spending) in the first 3 months ‒ a maximum of $120 in cash back rewards. Not bad.

When your bonus ends, you’ll continue to earn major cash back with the following earn rates:

  • 3% in cash back on eligible recurring bills, groceries, and gas (up to a maximum of $15,000 yearly spend for each category), and
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases (including any excess on the yearly spend for the 3% categories).

The 3% earn rate on recurring bills is the highest on the Canadian credit card market right now for this category. 3% on groceries and gas is also one of the best available. And with the ability to earn 1% on all other purchases, you will start racking up those cash back rewards fast.

The $15,000 individual limits on each of the 3% bonus spending categories isn’t something most people will ever have to worry about. Divided equally across 12 months, that works out to $1,250 in spending. Not many families spend more than $1,250 monthly on any one of recurring bills, groceries, or gas.

The card comes with an annual fee of $120 for the primary cardholder ($50 for authorized users).

Please note: This card has a minimum credit limit of $5,000 and comes with the typical income requirements of a Visa Infinite card: $60,000 personal or $100,000 household.

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As for credit card insurance, it’s good for a cash back card. Here is some of the coverage you’ll be getting:

  • travel medical insurance for 10 days (4 days for people age 65 and over), up to $2,000,000,
  • delayed and lost baggage insurance, up to $1,000, and
  • auto rental collision/loss damage insurance.

As a bonus, you’ll get complimentary emergency road services with the Deluxe TD Auto Club Membership (a value of $79+ tax annually). The coverage is somewhat similar to a CAA plus membership which, depending on where you live, can be purchased starting at $100 per year plus applicable sales taxes.

Depending on your situation, this could mean substantial savings every year if you can ditch your current roadside assistance membership.

You will also get the usual Visa Infinite benefits, including:

  • 24/7 Visa Concierge Service,
  • Visa Infinite® Luxury Hotel Collection, and
  • Visa Infinite® Dining Series.

Plus, you’ll get car rental discounts at AVIS and Budget – at least 10% off in Canada and 5% off in the States.

Redeeming your cash back

Unlike most cash back cards where you only receive a credit statement once a year (and not on a month of your choosing), you get to redeem for a statement credit whenever you like for any amount you like, as long as you have accumulated a minimum of $25.

It’s always nice for a card to let you decide when to want to redeem your cash back rewards.

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The card that compares best with the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card is the Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite.

We’ll start by looking at the default spend on creditcardGenius (note: we are showing monthly spend and net annual rewards). These numbers do not include any welcome bonuses.

Category Monthly Spend TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite
Annual Earn Rate Annual Cash Back Annual Earn Rate Annual Cash Back
Recurring bills $300 3% $108 4% $144
Groceries $400 3% $144 4% $192
Gas $150 3% $54 2% $36
Others $1,150 1% $138 1% $138
Annual fee -$120 -$120
Total rewards $324 $390

As we can see in this table, the Scotiabank card comes out ahead with $66 more cash back every year.

Let’s add some more purchases to the recurring bill, grocery, and gas categories (while keeping the monthly spend at $2,000) and see what happens:

Category Monthly Spend TD Cash Back Visa Infinite* Card Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite
Annual Earn Rate Annual Cash Back Annual Earn Rate Annual Cash Back
Recurring bills $400 3% $144 4% $192
Groceries $550 3% $198 4% $264
Gas $250 3% $90 2% $60
Others $800 1% $96 1% $96
Annual fee -$120 -$120
Total rewards $408 $492

With this change, the Scotiabank card comes out even farther ahead, from $66 to $84 dollars.


Strictly based on spending, the Scotiabank Momentum Card comes out ahead.

But is it the better card for rewards?

If the Deluxe Auto Club Membership is something you can take advantage of, then the TD card comes out ahead in rewards by $50 and $32 respectively. And, of course, if you can get the annual fee waived every year, your rewards are much better (Scotiabank doesn’t offer a banking package that includes a credit card annual fee waiver).

Having said all that, I think that every spending and potential rewards situation is different for credit cards – and I hope this review demonstrates that.

We have two great cards and one is not necessarily better than the other. It all depends on your own personal situation.

I know for me, I was able to take advantage of the TD Deluxe Auto Club Membership and get rid of my CAA membership when it came up for renewal. Also, being a TD all-inclusive client sweetens my deal, even more, making this card the best cash back for my spending.

Two complimentary cards

Looking to add even more cash back rewards to your wallet? Consider adding one of these two cards to supercharge your cash back earnings.

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American Express SimplyCash Card

Looking to increase your base earn rate? The may be your answer.

You get an increased base earn rate of 1.25% on all of your non-category purchases, giving you some extra rewards for your spending.

Plus, with its own set of unique perks such as American Express Invites, it only adds to the perks that you already have in your wallet.

Tangerine Money-Back Mastercard

Want even more categories that earn bonus cash? Then consider the .

You get to pick 2 categories that earn 2% cash back from a list of 10. Categories that supplement your 3% earnings include:

  • groceries, for Walmart Supercentres (Visa doesn’t recognize Walmart Supercentres as grocery stores, but Mastercard does),
  • drugstores,
  • furniture stores,
  • restaurants,
  • home improvement,
  • hotels,
  • entertainment, and
  • public transportation.

Have a Tangerine bank account? You get to pick 3 of these categories rather than 2.

This way, you can have 6 categories earning at least 2% in your wallet, giving you some serious cash back.

Final word

TD clearly has a great cash back card in their . With great earn rates, free roadside assistance, and the ability to get the annual fee waived every year, this card has a lot to offer.

… And we consider it to be one of the best.

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