As a self-proclaimed “credit card nerd,” the possibility of a new credit card hitting the Canadian market gets me excited…

…and I know I am not alone.

If you frequent Reddit, RedFlagDeals or FlyerTalk, you know there are numerous forum threads dedicated to credit cards and people just like me.

People who like to:

You know…that credit card that will hopefully come along and check off all of our boxes.

The card that will blow all other cards out of the water.

Anytime there is a chance that a new credit card could be hitting the market, us credit card fanatics begin hoping and wondering what could be coming around the corner.

And the latest credit card to speculate about is here.

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Simplii to launch cash back credit card

Last week, there was a Reddit user who shared the following picture on Reddit and asked if anyone had further details.

Simplii Financial Visa credit card

No one who responded on the thread knew anything….

But if this picture is any indication, it seems that Simplii Financial will be launching a cash back visa ‒ and for some Canadians, it cannot come fast enough (even though we don’t know anything about it).

Although there were no concrete details, there were plenty of speculations and wonderings.

Some people were hopeful and others were pessimistic.

Those people assume the card will start out pretty decent, but then go the way of many other Canadian credit cards lately – reducing the rewards and increasing the fees soon after.

However, many people seem to be in agreement with what they want…

Hopefully, Simplii will have their fingers on the pulse of what Canadians are really looking for in terms of credit cards and give us something that we can get excited about.

What does Simplii Financial have to say about it?

I reached out to Simplii Financial on Facebook and Twitter to see if they would have anything to say and their response was pretty coy – emoji and all.

“Credit card? What credit card? 😉 Stay tuned.”

Clearly, something IS coming…but for now all we have are our speculations and our wish list.

What is Simplii Financial?

Simplii Financial is a branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) that came onto the scene about a year ago when CIBC and PC Financial Bank decided to end their 20-year partnership.

While CIBC took over the banking clients and named the new no-fee, subsidiary bank “Simplii Financial,” Loblaws kept the credit cards and credit card clients under the PC Financial name.

While it’s assumed that PC Financial will enter into the banking space again, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Simplii Financial will begin offering at least one credit card.

Now we wait…

But in the meantime…

If you’re looking for a no fee credit card and you don’t want to wait for Simplii Financial to release (or even announce) their new card, one of these no fee credit cards could be a good option to consider.

Best no-fee cash back credit cards in Canada

What are you hoping for?

What about you?

What features are you hoping the Simplii Financial credit card will come with?

Are you excited for another cash back visa to be hitting the market?

Please let us know in the comments below.