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One of the biggest and most prominent AIR MILES partners is Shell.

However, their base rewards earn rate left a lot to be desired – 1 mile for a minimum 15L gas fillup. No matter how much gas you bought – whether it was 15 or 500 litres – you were only getting 1 AIR MILE for the whole purchase.

But that’s all changed (at least for the rest of this year).

Shell Go Plus announcement

Say hello to Shell Go+

Shell has introduced a new rewards program – Shell Go+.

With this, Shell has upped the amount of AIR MILES you’ll be earning on both gas and in-store purchases.

Here are the highlights of the new program. You can view the full details here, and the terms and conditions here.

2 points to note: Shell states they’ve given access to the program to all AIR MILES collectors until the end of 2020. What happens after that? We don’t know. And Shell has a history of ending promotions early and without warning (see here and here), and that could very well happen again.

Increased base earn rate on fuel purchases

Say goodbye to only earning 1 mile on your fuel purchases, no matter how big they are. With Shell Go+, you’ll earn:

  • 1 mile for every 10 litres of V-Power premium fuel you buy, and
  • 1 mile for every 20 litres of all other fuel types.

For larger fuel purchases, you’ll earn more miles, so you can finally stop only filling up 15 litres at a time.

Earn 2x more miles in-store

You’ll now also earn twice as many miles on in-store purchases, earning 1 mile for every $5 spent. This is a 100% increase. You’ll also earn 20 bonus miles every time you spend $20 or more in-store.

Bonus miles on car washes

With the purchase of any Shell Ultimate car wash, you’ll earn 10 bonus miles on top of the regular in-store earn rate.

Use 95 cash miles, and get 10 bonus miles

Everytime you use 95 cash miles towards your purchase, you’ll receive 10 bonus miles. This effectively increases the value of a cash mile, from 10.5 cents to 11.8 cents.

Pay with a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard, and get topped up to 5x the miles

And, until the end of the year, if you have a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard, there’s a special offer for you.

If you use your BMO AIR MILES Mastercard for purchases at Shell, you’ll get topped up to 5x the miles on the base earn rate of your purchase for the total transaction. This includes both the base earn rate on the purchase and what you would earn with your credit card.

Here’s an example of how it works, using the as our payment method.

You buy 60 litres of Shell Bronze fuel at $1 per litre, for a total cost of $60.

Between the new base earn rate on fuel (1 mile per 20L of fuel), and the credit card (1 mile per $10 spent), you would earn:

  • 3 miles at Shell’s base earn rate, and
  • 6 miles with the .

A total of 9 AIR MILES earned.

But, since you used a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard, Shell will now top you up with an additional 6 miles, so you earn 15 total AIR MILES on the transaction – 5x the base earn rate of 3 miles earned.

Just note there is a cap of 2,500 bonus top-up AIR MILES during the promotion period.

So what AIR MILES cards qualify? Here’s the list of BMO AIR MILES Mastercards that can be used with this offer:

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And there you have it

New ways to earn more AIR MILES while filling up at Shell, and a sweet bonus offer if you also have a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard.

What are your thoughts on this new program?

Let us know in the comments below.