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Please note: This offer was originally set to end on March 31st, 2020, but Shell has decided to prematurely end it on February 29th instead.

For lots of bonus AIR MILES opportunities, as well as major savings on your gas bill, Shell is usually busy with promotions.

And they’ve got another one to warm your cold winter months.

Shell AIR MILES promotion

Earn up to 100 bonus AIR MILES every month

Until February 29, 2020, you can earn up to 100 bonus AIR MILES every month. All you have to do is make 4 purchases of at least 25 litres and be sure to enter your collector number for each transaction.

How many miles you can earn depends on the grade of fuel.

For regular, mid-grade, and diesel fuel, you’ll earn double miles on your 4 fillups. With the standard offer of 1 mile for a minimum 15 litre purchase, that’s 2 miles earned. After your 4th fillup, and the month has ended, you’ll get an additional 42 miles, for a total of 50 miles earned.

If you opt for premium fuel instead, you’ll earn 10x the miles on your first 4 fillups. Once the month has ended, you’ll get an additional 60 miles, for a total of 100 bonus miles.

You can only get one offer, once per month.

And that’s it! You’ll be rolling in extra miles you can use for travel, events, or even cash miles to use towards future gas and grocery purchases.

You can get the full details of the offer here.

Bonus tip: If you have a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard of some kind, like the or , you can combine this offer with this one, where you’ll save 3 cents per litre. You’ll earn bonus miles, and save on your fuel while you’re at it.

Of course, any credit card will work with this offer. To see cards that are great for gas purchases, you can view more of them here.