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When it comes to credit cards and travel rewards programs, this last year might have seemed a little dark for Canadians.

With Chase pulling all of their cards from Canada, Air Canada and Aeroplan parting ways, and credit cards being devalued right before our eyes, Canadians have been waiting with anticipation for something to come along that will really wow us.

With the recent announcement coming from RBC and WestJet we have been left to wonder…

Is our wait finally over?

Is Ampli the rewards program we deserve?

On June 13th, 2018, RBC and WestJet released a statement announcing that they were going to take their partnership to the next level.

RBC and WestJet announced today they are creating Ampli, a next generation loyalty platform that will deliver unparalleled value to consumers through amplified earning power on a simple and convenient digital solution. Open to all Canadians, Ampli will provide members with merchant offers, flexible rewards and exclusive bonuses. In addition, members who spend on RBC cards and fly with WestJet will further amplify their rewards.”

Despite already having a partnership that includes two co-branded credit cards, the RBC WestJet Mastercard and the , this announcement has created a bit of a stir.

The plan for the new Ampli loyalty platform isn’t to replace the existing partnership between RBC and WestJet, but instead, it will be its own separate thing. Ampli will be a loyalty platform, available to all Canadians, but will award members with extra perks and benefits for banking with RBC and traveling with WestJet – thus enhancing their existing partnership.

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This comes as a bit of relief to many Canadians who carry the WestJet World Elite card in their wallets, because not only does this card give cardholders some major rewards, but it also comes with some great WestJet perks like:

  • one free checked bag for every person flying on the same itinerary as the cardholder (up to 8 checked bags), and…
  • one annual round-trip companion voucher, that you can use to book a flight for yourself, or for someone else.

Details to come later

Aside from the name of the program, there hasn’t been any details released about what this program will include.

RBC has stated, however:

“We are bringing together top Canadian brands to help them reach consumers more efficiently and effectively. We will also provide consumers with opportunities to earn rewards and save money like never before.”

…and over the next coming months, we are expecting more merchant partner and details to be announced.

The release date of the program hasn’t even been announced, we only know that it will be released later this year.

When we reached out to RBC and WestJet to see if we could get a little more information, we were given the following responses:

“We don’t have any additional info to share yet. Details of the program will be released closer to the debut date, which will be later this year. Stay tuned!”

“WestJet and RBC will be debuting Ampli later this year. A date has not yet been announced. We are still working on the details but Ampli will provide its members with offers, flexible rewards and exclusive bonuses. In addition, members who spend on the RBC card and fly with WestJet will have the opportunity to further amplify their rewards. Thanks so much for your interest! Kind regards.”

Whether RBC and WestJet hit it out of the park with this loyalty platform or not, we’re not sure. But one thing is for sure…

Competition is good for consumers.

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For existing programs like AIR MILES and Aeroplan to retain their users, they are going to have to start upping their game a little.

Hopefully, we will start seeing some new perks, heightened sign-up bonuses, and even a few more competitors hitting the market.

And a few more no foreign transaction fee credit cards wouldn’t hurt either!

What are your thoughts?

How do you feel about new announcement from RBC and WestJet?

Let us know in the comments below.