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Want some bonus AIR MILES? Mega Miles is back.

You can earn bonus miles at most AIR MILES partners, plus you’ll get a large lump sum from AIR MILES for completing a certain amount of offers as well.

Here’s how this promotion works.

AIR MILES Mega Miles 2020 promotion

Mega Miles 2020 details

So how does Mega Miles work?

You’ll need to complete offers at different AIR MILES partners during the promotion period, which will also give you bonus miles.

You can view the offers by going to this page, and selecting your region.

Here’s a sampling of the partners that have offers:

Mega Miles 2020 partners
There are 3 general ways to use these offers:

  • opt-in for the offer on the Mega Miles offers page,
  • scan a coupon in-store (you can print them from the Mega Miles site or pick up a booklet in-store), or
  • simply scan or enter your collector number at checkout.

Some of the bonus offers don’t run for the entire duration of Mega Miles, so keep an eye on the dates for the various offers.

Getting your lump sum of bonus Air Miles

Once the promotion period is over, you’ll earn more bonus miles depending on how many offers you complete.

  • Complete 3 offers from different partners, and you’ll get 300 bonus miles.
  • Complete 5 offers from different partners, and 1,000 bonus miles will be yours.

And that’s on top of the bonus miles you’ve collected from the partners.

If you do complete offers at 5 partners, those 1,000 Miles are worth $105 when you earn Cash Miles. Or, to save up on that future trip you’ve been thinking about, they can be worth up to $172 for flights.

Just note – it can take up to 12 weeks to earn your bonus miles. In case something happens and you’re not credited the full amount, keep your receipts handy as you’ll need them if this happens to you.

One point to note – many partners will have multiple Mega Miles offers. You can complete them all, but only one of them will count towards the overall Mega Miles bonus.

BMO AIR MILES Mastercard offer

If you have a BMO AIR MILES Mastercard of some kind, like the or , you have a partner offer you can complete with your credit card (there isn’t one for Amex AIR MILES cards).

An email with the details has already been sent out to cardholders.

The offer is different depending on if you have a personal or business credit card.

For personal cards, you’ll earn bonus miles based on how much you spend at participating AIR MILES partners. There are 2 tiers available:

  • Spend $250, and get 250 bonus miles, or
  • Spend $500, and get 500 bonus miles.

For BMO business AIR MILES cards, you’ll earn 500 bonus miles if you spend $400 at these retailers:

  • Rona,
  • Lowes,
  • Reno-Depot, and
  • Shell.

For these offers, you’ll need to opt in to get your bonus miles. You can do so either though the email you received, or on the Mega Miles page.

If you have any of these cards, and are working on partner offers, you’re going to be shopping at these places anyway, and you can get one offer done without any extra work.

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Your thoughts

What are your thoughts on Mega Miles?

Will you participate or are current events going to make you pass this year?

Let us know in the comments below.