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I’m a bit of an enigma.

I love traveling, but I consider myself a homebody.

I love shopping, but I’m also fairly cheap.

I love being around people, but I’m definitely an introvert.

I hate tomatoes, but I love a good tomato salsa.

As you can imagine, keeping my many personalities happy isn’t always easy…but every once in a while, I find that perfect balance.

…Even when some of my interests butt heads.

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When travel is expensive, no fee travel credit cards got your back

Travel is expensive and I’m cheap frugal – so, where is the middle ground?

The answer to that, my friends, outside of spending hours scouring the internet for great travel deals, is a no fee travel credit card.

No fee travel cards are like little plastic keys that can open up the world of travel, WITHOUT forcing you to open your wallet.

If the thought of free travel has piqued your interest, keep reading, because I’m going to fill you in on which no fee card:

Best no fee travel card for shopping at Costco

If you’re looking for the best no fee travel card on the market right now, the is a card that’s worth considering.

This travel card will give you:

  • 4 points per $1 spent on gas, groceries, and restaurants in the first 3 months,
  • 2 points for every dollar you spend on gas, groceries, and at restaurants (up to $5,000 spent annually in each category), plus…
  • 1 point for every other dollar spent.

Although caps and tiers are never fun when you’re earning rewards, a $5,000 annual limit in each category is pretty generous.

$5,000 / 12 months = $417 spent per month

That means you’re able to spend over $400 each month, in each category, and you’ll still get your max rewards.

On top of these rewards? New cardholders will get 5,000 points just for making their first purchase and an additional 5,000 points for signing up for e-statements.

…an easy 10,000 points, which can be redeemed for:

  • travel,
  • merchandise,
  • gift cards,
  • charitable donations, and
  • statement credits.

However, you will get the biggest bang for your buck redeeming for travel: 1 point = 1 cent.

Also, despite having no annual fee, this MBNA card comes with a pretty comprehensive suite of travel and purchase insurance – 7 different types in total – and if you’re trying to travel on the cheap, that insurance could save you some major dollars.

And since this card is a Mastercard, you’ll be able to earn rewards even on your bulk purchases at Costco.

Find out all the details here:

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Best no fee travel card for AIR MILES lovers

If you’re an AIR MILES collector and you’re looking for a no fee travel card, the is one you should definitely take a closer look at.

Even though it has no annual fee, it’s still one of the best AIR MILES cards on the market.

It will give you:

  • 1 mile for every $20 spent, plus…
  • 2 miles for every $20 spent at participating BMO AIR MILES partners.

I realize that 1 mile for every $20 spent isn’t earth shaking, but if you pair this card with an AIR MILES membership card…

…then you’ll earn 2 miles for every $20 spent (3 at their participating partner locations).

That means you’re going to double your return on spending whenever you shop somewhere that AIR MILES cards are accepted – a 1.72% return when you redeem your AIR MILES for travel through Dream Miles. Quite impressive for a no fee card.

Another nice thing about this card is that it will give you a discount on car rentals. Fly for free with your AIR MILES and rent a car at a discount price – that’s travel that even I can get behind.

And as an added bonus, this is another card that you’ll be able to use on all those Costco purchases. Win-win.

Find out more information here:

Best no foreign transaction fee card with no annual fee

Cards that help you travel on a discount are great, but what about helping out when you get to your destination?

Foreign exchange fees are sneaky fees that get tacked on to every purchase you make in a foreign currency – often around the 2.5% mark.

Nothing like saving a bunch of money getting to your destination, only to realize that you’ve been charged an extra 2.5% on every dollar you spent during your vacation.

Want to get this fee waived?

The is one of the few cards on the Canadian market right now that will do exactly that.

And not only will it waive the foreign exchange fee on all your purchases in any currency outside of CAD, you’ll also get:

  • 1% cash back on all your purchases (cash can be used for travel too!),
  • car rental collision insurance, and
  • roadside assistance

…all for no annual fee.

Get all the information here:

Top no fee travel credit cards in Canada

And there you have it…

A few of the best no fee travel credit cards in Canada.

Do you have any of these cards in your wallet already?

Or, if you want another look, here’s a table roundup for a quick recap:

Do you… Your credit card Why you want It Apply
…Spend a good portion of your budget on gas, groceries, and restaurant purchases? MBNA Rewards Platinum Plus Mastercard * 2% back on gas, groceries, and restaurant purchases.
* Sign-up bonus worth $100 in travel.
* Impressive insurance package for a no fee card.
* Can be used at Costco.
…Love collecting AIR MILES? BMO AIR MILES Mastercard * Ability to earn extra rewards at BMO AIR MILES partners and by carrying an AIR MILES card in your wallet.
* 950 bonus miles after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months.
* Can be used at Costco.
…Frequently make purchases in another currency, and hate paying the 2.5% fee? Home Trust Preferred Visa * 1% cash back on all purchases.
* No foreign exchange fee – a 2.5% savings on each foreign purchase.