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Online shopping and Amazon go hand-in-hand. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance Amazon will have it.

But did you know that you can easily turn your credit card rewards into free Amazon gift cards? See our list of 8 reward programs below

Because if you’re going to shop with the world’s largest online store, you might as well know your options.

One point to note: For every program mentioned here, redeeming for gift cards won’t give you the best value of your miles – travel does.

But if you have some spare miles lying around, don’t have any travel plans for the foreseeable future, or are looking for a way to get rid of unwanted points, gift cards can be an easy way to get some immediate use for your points.

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8 reward programs that offer Amazon gift cards

To get an idea for value on your credit card spending, let’s briefly go over the card that would earn you the most points in one year, and the typical return you could expect to see when you redeem for an Amazon gift card, based on a $2,000 monthly spend.

These Amazon gift cards ‒ other than the 2 e-gift card options from National Bank Rewards ‒ are physical cards. So expect to receive them by mail which could take around 2 to 3 weeks.

Reward Program Point Value When Redeeming For Amazon Gift Cards Best Credit Card For Earning Points Average Credit Card Return When Redeemed On Amazon
MBNA Rewards 0.89 cents
* $100 gift card for 11,255 points
Scotia Rewards 0.75 cents
* $50 gift card for 6,700 points, or
* $100 gift card for 13,400 points
Amex Membership Rewards 0.70 cents
* $7 Amazon credit for 1,000 points
National Bank Rewards 0.83 cents
* $50 e-gift card for 6,350 points,
* $100 gift card for 12,000 points, or
* $100 e-gift card for 12,700 points,
BMO Rewards 0.50 cents
* $100 gift card for 20,300 points
Aeroplan 0.71 cents
* $100 gift card for 14,000 miles, or
* $250 gift card for 35,000 miles
CIBC Rewards 0.71 cents
* $50 gift card for 7,000 points, or
* $100 gift card for 14,000 points
Best Western 0.52 cents
* $50 gift card for 9,600 points

Please note that all values reflected in card views do not represent Amazon redemption values, but optimized redemptions instead.

Get Amazon gift cards from MBNA Rewards

For those who collect MBNA Rewards, you can use your rewards for an Amazon gift card.

Use 11,255 points for an $100 Amazon gift card, a value of 0.89 cents per point ‒ the highest point value of the 8 reward programs.

The best MBNA Rewards card?

For earning the most MBNA Rewards, the is the top option, earning 2 points per $1 spent on all purchases. You would earn 48,000 points per year, for a return of 1.78% – also the highest on our list.

Enjoy free Amazon gift cards from Scotia Rewards

Next on our program list is Scotia Rewards.

For Amazon gift cards, here are your 2 choices:

  • 6,700 points for a $50 gift card, or
  • 13,400 points for a $100 gift card.

Each one gives you a value of 0.75 cents each.

The best Scotia Rewards credit card?

For the most points with Scotia Rewards, the can’t be beat. A typical $2,000 monthly spend gives 55,200 points, a return of 1.73% when redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

Shop on Amazon with Amex Membership Rewards

For Amex Membership Rewards, there are no Amazon gift cards available – you’ll get an Amazon credit instead.

For shopping at Amazon, Amex Membership Rewards takes things up a notch.

Instead of having the extra step of getting a gift card, you can use your points to directly pay for Amazon purchases instead.

You’ll save $7 at checkout with 1,000 Membership Rewards points, a value of 0.70 cents per point.

How does it work? Go to and sign in to your Amazon account (or create a new one).

Follow the steps to link your Membership Rewards account to your Amazon account.

And that’s it! When you’re at the checkout, you’ll have the option to use your points to help pay for your purchase.

The best Amex Membership Rewards card?

The best Amex Membership Rewards card is the . Our top-rated credit card in Canada earns 51,600 points per year. This will give you an average return rate of 1.51% when redeemed at Amazon.

Use National Bank A La Carte Rewards for Amazon gift cards

Continuing with bank programs, the next one up is National Bank Rewards.

There are 3 different options, each with varying point values:

  • $50 e-gift card for 6,350 points, value of 0.79 cents,
  • $100 gift card for 12,000 points, value of 0.83 cents, and
  • $100 e-gift card for 12,700 points, value of 0.79 cents.

Redeeming for a regular $100 gift card is your best value. But if you need it quicker, you can opt for the e-gift cards instead – it’s the only program where this was offered.

The best National Bank credit card?

For the most rewards, the will earn you 1.5 points per $1 spent (double points on travel booked through NBC Rewards). Earning 37,800 points per year, the average return is 1.31% on Amazon gift cards (using the best value option).

Claim an Amazon gift card via BMO Rewards

BMO Rewards will also let you use your points to get Amazon gift cards.

There’s only one denomination you can get – a $100 Amazon gift card for 20,300 points, a value of 0.50 cents per point.

The best BMO Rewards credit card?

The best BMO Rewards credit card is the . It earns roughly 50,986 points per year, which gives redeeming for Amazon cards a return of 1.06%

Swap your Aeroplan miles for free Amazon gift cards

For a non-bank program, next up is Canada’s largest airline program – Aeroplan.

When it comes to Amazon gift cards, you have the choice of 2 amounts:

  • 14,000 miles for a $100 gift card, or
  • 35,000 miles for a $250 gift card.

Either one will net you a value of 0.71 cents per mile. There are lots of other gift cards available as well for the same value.

But there’s one exception – Air Canada gift cards. The smallest amount is $100, but it only costs 10,000 miles, a value of 1 cent per mile.

The best Aeroplan credit card?

The top Aeroplan credit card right now is the . You’ll earn approximately 33,000 miles per year, which would give you an average return of 0.98% when used on gift cards.

This is a long way from the typical return of 3.44% when redeemed for Aeroplan flights. But…if you find yourself Amazon shopping more than flying, then by all means.

Try CIBC Rewards for Amazon gift cards

CIBC Rewards has an array of gift cards you can redeem for, including Amazon cards.

You have 2 choices, each with the same value:

  • $50 gift card for 7,000 points, and
  • a $100 gift card for 14,000 points.

Either one is worth 0.71 cents per point.

The best CIBC Rewards credit card?

For the most Aventura points, look no further than the , which earns up to 1.5 points per $1 spent (2 points on travel booking made through CIBC Rewards).

You’ll earn roughly 29,100 Aventura points per year, which gives this card a return of 0.86% – which is one of the worst in the group.

Redeem your Best Western Rewards for free gift cards

Finally, let’s end with a hotel program – Best Western Rewards. You can redeem your hotel points towards Amazon gift cards.

9,600 points will give you a $50 gift card, for a value of 0.52 cents per point.

Best Western Mastercard

Best Western has its own credit card, the .

Earning 1 point per $1 spent on all purchases, increased to 5 points at Best Western properties, this card earns approximately 28,814 points per year, giving a return of 0.60% on Amazon purchases.

The best credit card for getting Amazon gift cards

After looking through all these numbers, there’s a clear winner – the . It has the highest return rate of all the credit cards we looked at here – an impressive 1.78%.

More so, it also only has a small difference when you compare redeeming for travel and Amazon gift cards. With a return of 2% when redeemed for travel, you’re only losing out on 0.22% of value.

With a straightforward earn rate of 2 points on every $1 you spend, for the Amazon enthusiast, it’s a great way to turn credit card rewards into free purchases at Amazon.

Coming in at a close second is the which will earn you:

  • 5 points per $1 spent on groceries, restaurants, and entertainment,
  • 3 points per $1 on gas, transit, and select streaming services, as well as
  • 1 point on all other purchases.

This means you’ll get more points – and if you spend heavily in the 5x category, it could actually give you a better return as well.

Programs that let you redeem for gift cards, but don’t carry Amazon gift cards

There’s a couple of programs that have yet to be mentioned, as they don’t have Amazon gift cards.

AIR MILES is the biggest one that stands out. You can use your Cash Miles to either redeem for a discount in store, or print a voucher you can bring in instead. Amazon is currently not available for this redemption option.

Our top hotel loyalty program Marriott Bonvoy doesn’t have Amazon gift card redemptions in Canada (but they do in the U.S.).

Out of the big Canadian bank programs, we didn’t mention TD Rewards or RBC Rewards. TD Rewards doesn’t carry any Amazon gift cards. And unfortunately, we’re unable to check RBC Rewards, as an account is required to view their catalogue, and no one in the creditcardGenius team has one. Leave a comment below if you have any insight on this.

You may also notice that major retail programs like PC Optimum and Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards aren’t mentioned either. For both of these programs, even though you can buy Amazon gift cards in store, you can’t use program points to pay for them (nor can you collect points when purchasing them either). The same holds true when trying to redeem AIR MILES Cash in store for gift cards.

Your turn to weigh in

Any strategies you use for getting Amazon gift cards for free?

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