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Have you received a notice from your credit card issuer saying interest rates were going to be increasing or changing in some way?

One recent example has been to TD credit cards, where compound interest was going to take hold, and an over limit fee was going to be charged on their Visa Infinite cards

While seeing credit card rates increase isn’t great, amid COVID-19 some good news has come on this front.

Credit card issuers delaying implementing interest rate changes

Many credit card issuers are delaying implementing interest changes.

So far these banks include:

Their plans have either been put on hold or could be scrapped altogether.

Most of the bank sites aren’t showing these changes yet, but if you’ve seen a notice in the mail about some upcoming changes, keep an eye on their sites or your own mail for confirmation their original changes aren’t happening.

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Your turn

Are there any other issuers that stated changes were coming to interest rates or fees?

Have you seen a notice saying they’ve been cancelled?

Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll add those issuers to our post here.