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For most Canadians, if you want to see a movie on the big screen, Cineplex is likely your only option.

But that’s not so bad, after all they offer a great rewards program that makes it easy to see free movies.

And now, they’ve partnered with Tangerine to offer you even more savings.

Cineplex Tangerine Tuesdays

Introducing Cineplex Tangerine Tuesdays

Cineplex Tuesdays have been upgraded to Tangerine Tuesdays.

The same low ticket prices on Tuesdays remain for everyone. And if you’re a SCENE member, you still get to enjoy an additional 10% off ticket prices.

However, use a Tangerine Mastercard to pay for your concessions, and you’ll get a free size upgrade on your popcorn.

So on top of already cheap movie tickets, you can save on your movie snacks as well.

Tangerine Mastercards

Want in on the fun? Tangerine has 2 no annual fee Mastercards for you to enjoy – the & the . And other than a few features, they’re largely the same card.

Earn rates? Earn 2% cash back on 2 categories of your choice, and if you deposit your rewards into a Tangerine Savings Account you’ll get a 3rd category to choose from.

What categories are there? There are 10 to choose from:

Tangerine Mastercard categories

You’ll earn 0.5% cash back on all other purchases.

They’re complete no fee, cash back cards.