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Everyone’s favourite movie rewards program, Cineplex SCENE, is about to undergo some changes.

On April 17, 2019, earning and redeeming SCENE points for movies and concessions is going to look a little different (although nothing is changing when it comes to using your points at restaurant partners).

What does it all mean for your current points?

And what if you have the already?

We’ll tell you what you need to know before these changes take place.

Changes to movie points

The biggest change involves earning and redeeming for movie tickets.

For almost every movie, the number of points needed to redeem for one ticket is going up, but you’ll also start earning more points for every movie ticket you purchase.

Here’s a comparison of the current rates and the rates as of April 17:

Ticket Type Current Rates Rates as of April 17, 2019
Earn Redeem Earn Redeem
General Admission 100 1,000 125 1,250
3D 150 1,500 125 1,250
Ultra AVX, D-BOX, IMAX 150 1,500 200 2,000
VIP Cinemas 200 2,000 250 2,500

Although most movies will require more points to be redeemed, the main principle of the program is unchanged – see 10 movies, get one free ticket.

The unfortunate part is that your current points will all lose some value, with the exception of 3D movies.

Say you have 3,000 points, that’s currently enough to get either 3 general admission tickets or 2 premium tickets. After the changes, you’ll only have enough for 2 or 1 tickets, respectively.

If you redeem your current points for 3D movies, you’ll actually get a better value. Currently, 3D tickets have the least value, but with these changes they’ll have the best.

Here’s our point valuations for various types of ticket, both now, and as of April 17:

Ticket Type Average Ticket Cost Current Points Required Current Point Value (cents) Points Required as of April 17, 2019 New Point Value (cents)
General Admission $12.75 1,000 1.28 1,250 1.02
3D $15.88 1,500 1.05 1,250 1.27
Ultra AVX 3D $17.88 1,500 1.19 2,000 0.89
D-BOX $23.88 1,500 1.59 2,000 1.2
IMAX $20.25 1,500 1.35 2,000 1

One last point to note – if you purchase your tickets online to get an extra 20 points, this feature will disappear with these changes.

Changes to concessions

The other big change is when purchasing concessions at the theatre.

Currently, you earn 10 points for every $1 you spend. But come April 17, that amount is getting cut in half – 5 points for every $1 spent.

The number of points you’ll need to redeem for food and drinks at the theatre is not changing, however – 500 points for $5 off.

To help make up for it, the number of bonus points you earn on concession combos is getting doubled, but overall, you’ll likely not be earning as many points as you used to.

Scotiabank SCENE Visa

So, where does this leave the ?

Unless this card changes some as well, the value of your points will decrease.

On average, we currently value a SCENE point at 1.2 cents, but after April 17, the value will be closer to 1.05 cents. Plus, the best redemption options of Imax and D-BOX will no longer have the same great value.

If you want to get a different card, both our Rate Your Wallet Quiz and our compare cards page can help you find something perfect for you.

With that said, there’s still value in having this card. If you’re a frequent moviegoer, you’ll still get over a 5% return at Cineplex with this card, and 1% on everything else, which is great for a no annual fee card.

And if you’re thinking about getting this card, the sign-up bonus has increased to 2,500 points (instead of 2,000) so you’ll still get 2 free movie tickets when the change comes.

Get the details here.

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