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A growing trend when it comes to getting your convenient food fix is subscription food delivery meal kits. Chances are, you’ve seen a flyer in your mail getting you to try one out.

Because if there’s anything we can’t do without ‒ it’s food. And meal kit subscriptions offer an EASY way to get the ingredients you need to cook great meals, delivered right to your door.

Speaking of easy, many credit cards will give you plenty of bonus rewards on your food purchases ‒ making the price that much more worth it. You can check out these options here.

But first, you’ll need to find out which meal kit subscription is BEST for you…

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4 meal kit delivery services compared

Here’s an overview of the 4 major food subscription services in Canada, so you can see how they compare:

Food box Hello Fresh Miss Fresh Goodfood Chefs Plate
Price per week Pronto Plan: $79.99 Custom Box: $65.94 Classic Basket: $69.99 Classic: $45.96
Smallest order 6 servings 6 servings 6 servings 4 servings
Things to watch out for Not good for people with dietary restrictions Ingredients aren’t always so fresh Actual cook time can be longer than the recipe claims Reviews say that portion sizes are a bit small

Note: The numbers shown here assume the smallest order size is picked (often 3 recipes per week for 2 people). Please visit their sites directly for the most recent prices.

Hello Fresh Canada

Let’s start with the biggest one – Hello Fresh Canada.

A big pro when it comes to Hello Fresh? Their Pronto Plan.

Food boxes usually have their ingredients measured out, but things like produce aren’t ready for use out of the box – you’ll have to chop them up first.

The Pronto Plan has everything ready for you to use, saving the hassle of getting everything cut up so you can use it. But of course, this convenience comes with a cost, as the Pronto Plan has the highest cost per serving.

Hello Fresh menu and prices

So what are Hello Fresh’s prices? There are 3 options you get to choose from:

  • Pronto Plan: Minimum of 6 servings, $13.33/serving
  • Family Plan: Minimum of 12 servings, $10.83/serving
  • Veggie Plan: Minimum of 6 servings, $12.33/serving

At the time of writing, you’ll get a choice of 15 different meals. For you fussy eaters out there, there’s sure to be something in their menu that you’ll like.

Miss Fresh Canada

Located in Montreal, Miss Fresh Canada takes food boxes to another level.

They not only offer lunch and supper meals, but also breakfast, snacks, desserts, and beverages. Plus they claim to only source their ingredients locally.

Miss Fresh menu and price

So what are their prices, and what’s available?

In the breakfast category, you can order:

  • Muffin and cookie mixes: $6.99/week
  • Granola box: $9.99/week
  • Overnight oats: $7.99/week

There’s an assorted range of beverages you can order as well:

  • Assorted pressed juices: $5.99/week
  • Assorted lattes: $4.99/week
  • Various coffee blends: $9.90/week

As for your main meals, they start at $7.99/serving, and the more servings you order, the more you’ll save. Plus, you can choose between their regular meals or go with vegetarian only. On a typical week, there are 8 meals you can choose from.

Interested in the snacks? You can get individual portions, or boxes containing many different types of snacks.

Goodfood Canada

Goodfood is another company headquartered in Montreal, offering a wide variety of different meals for any time of day.

Goodfood menu and prices

Goodfood offers several different menus to choose from. Here are your options available, and how much you’ll pay per serving. All orders require a minimum of 6 servings, except for family style meals which have a minimum of 8 servings.

  • Classic meals: $11.67/serving
  • Easy prep meals: $12.50/serving,
  • Clean15 (low carb): $14.82/serving
  • Vegetarian meals: $10.67/serving, and
  • Family style meals: $10.37/serving

Keep in mind that these prices are for the minimum amount of servings you can order. Purchase more servings per week and the prices will drop.

Goodfood also offers breakfast boxes and smoothies, both of which include a variety of fruits and oats.

The system for smoothies is pretty cool – they give you the base ingredients in a recyclable cup, then you fill it up with milk, water, yogurt, whatever you want. After that, you throw everything in the blender for a bit, then it goes back in the cup with a plastic lid they provide.

This will get you about 500ml – perfect for that morning snack.

They’ll also give you a stainless straw in your first smoothie box, helping you cut down on your plastic waste.

If you’re interested in smoothies, it’ll be about $4.99 a portion but you’ll have to order at least 12 of them.

Chefs Plate

Last, but not least is Chefs plate, offering 4 different menus to choose from.

Chefs Plate menu and prices

So what are the options? Here’s what they offer, plus how much it costs per serving.

Classic, 15 minute, and vegetarian boxes need a minimum order of 4 servings, while family boxes require a minimum order of 8 servings.

  • Classic: $9.99/serving
  • Family: $8.99/serving
  • 15 Minutes: $12.95/serving
  • Vegetarian: Minimum of 4 servings, $9.99/serving

However, if you only order 4 servings, you’ll be dinged $6 in shipping charges. There are no shipping charges if you order more than that.

The number of meals you get to choose from will also vary by box option. There are far fewer 15 minute and vegetarian options than classic or family boxes.

Rewards credit cards for foodies

Since food box purchases are made online, your best option is to use a credit card.

But not just any old credit card – there are several Canadian cards that will give you extra rewards on your food box purchases.

Here are some of the best credit cards for ordering from food delivery services.

Credit Card Welcome Bonus Earn Rate On Food Purchases Annual Fee Apply Now
American Express Cobalt * Up to 30,000 bonus points (terms) 5 points per $1 spent (up to $30,000 annually) $120, charged out as $10 per month Apply Now
Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite 10% cash back for the first 3 months (terms) 4% cash back $120, first year free Apply Now
Scotiabank Gold American Express * 25,000 bonus points (terms) 5 points per $1 spent $120 Apply Now
Tangerine Money-Back Mastercard * None 2% cash back $0 Apply Now
American Express AIR MILES Platinum * 2,000 AIR MILES (terms) 1 mile per $5 spent (up to 30,000 annually) $120 Apply Now

For top rewards on food delivery, and all your other food purchases, the can’t be beat.

Why? You’ll earn 5 points per $1 spent on all groceries and restaurant purchases. And, with each American Express Membership Rewards point worth up to 1.75 cents each, you’re looking at an amazing return of 8.75% on your food purchases.

Of course, there’s more to the card than just that. It starts with a great welcome bonus – earn 2,500 bonus points every month you spend $500 or more in the first year. That’s up to 30,000 bonus points.

On top of earning 5 points per $1 on all your food purchases, you’ll also earn 2 points per $1 on gas, transit, and travel purchases, and 1 point on everything else.

Prefer to earn cash back instead? Then the could be your top choice.

Earn 4% cash back on your food box delivery and grocery purchases, as well as recurring bill payments.

You’ll also earn 2% cash back on gas and transit purchases, plus 1% on everything else.

It has an annual fee of $120, that’s currently waived for the first year.

Another top travel rewards card is the .

Earn 5 Scotia Rewards points per $1 spent on all your food purchases, including groceries and restaurants, as well as entertainment purchases.

A Scotia Rewards point is worth 1 cent when redeemed for travel, giving a return of 5%.

Plus, you’ll earn 3 points per $1 spent on gas, transit, and select streaming services, as well as 1 point per $1 on all other purchases.

It also has a large welcome bonus worth 20,000 points after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months.

Prefer a card with no annual fee? Then check out the .

If chosen as one of your Money-Back categories, you can earn 2% cash back on groceries.

You’ll also earn 2% cash back on another category of your choice (you can also get a 3rd if you deposit your cash back into a Tangerine Savings account), and earn 0.5% cash back on all other purchases.

For a few more perks, but the same earn rates, check out the instead. Just note it does have higher income requirements of either $60,000 personal or $100,000 household.

Are you an AIR MILES junkie? Then look no further than the .

You’ll earn 1 mile for every $5 spent on restaurants and grocery purchases, as well as gas. The next best AIR MILES card can only do 1 mile per $10 spent – half the earn rate of this card. You’ll also earn 1 mile per $10 spent on all other purchases.

It also comes with a large welcome bonus of 2,000 when you spend $1,500 in the first 3 months.

To earn the most AIR MILES on day-to-day purchases, American Express has the credit card for you.

The final word

Food delivery meal kits offer an easy way to get the ingredients right at your door ‒ so you can save time and get right to making your homemade meals.

And with the right credit card, you can also start racking up rewards you can use for travel, or to simply help pay your bills.

And now it’s your turn…

What are your thoughts on food delivery services?

If you’ve used them, what has your experience been like?

Let us know in the comments below.