Author: Jonathon

Amex Cash Back Credit Cards Review and Head-to-Head Comparison

American Express is a credit card company that is largely known for their terrific rewards cards like the Gold Rewards and recently introduced Cobalt Card. You may be glad to hear Amex also has a lineup of cash back credit cards, with both an annual fee and no fee version – the SimplyCash Preferred Card and SimplyCash Card. Lets dive into both cards and see what they have to offer… How does Amex cashback lineup compare to the competition? American Express SimplyCash Preferred Card Amex has made the rewards for their cards simple – a flat rate on all...

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TD Cash Back Credit Card Reviews And Analysis

To put it mildly, in the past TD’s cash back credit cards were underwhelming and left a lot to be desired. If you didn’t know the details of them don’t worry, I didn’t look into them until I started banking with TD. But in June 2017 that all changed… TD replaced the Gold Elite Visa (1% cash back, deluxe TD Auto Club and $99 fee) and Cash Back MasterCard (0.75% cash back) with two new cards: the Cash Back Visa Infinite, and Cash Back Visa. How do these cards compare to the competition? Does TD now possess a worthy...

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