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Score Free Amazon Gift Cards: 9 Easy Ways

Looking for ways to get a free Amazon gift card and score some goods from the world’s largest online retailer? We’ve got you covered. We detail 8 major reward programs that let you redeem for Amazon gift cards, our own ongoing $75 Amazon gift card offer, and the best credit cards for earning points to get free gift cards as well.

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How To Avoid Fuel Surcharges In Canada

Redeeming for free flights can be a rewarding experience. But sometimes that taxes and fees bill can leave a sour taste in your mouth, and make you think “maybe it’s better to wait until next time…” We’re here to show you how you can get around those fees so you’ll feel great redeeming your miles.

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No More Aeroplan Distinction By July 2020

Air Canada has some more Aeroplan news – Distinction status will be no more when the takeover occurs in July of 2020. Here’s what distinction offers, our guess as to what happens next, and the top Aeroplan branded credit cards to help you maximize with or without distinction.

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HUGE $1,000 Cash Christmas Giveaway 2019

Happy holidays from your friends at creditcardGenius! We’re back this year to celebrate with our 7th annual $1,000 Christmas giveaway. With a whole bunch of ways to enter, this giveaway is as easy as it is free – and it’s completely free. Check out the creditcardGenius 2019 giveaway right here. But hurry! It ends December 18th, 2019.

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