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How To Maximize The AIR MILES Rewards Program

AIR MILES Rewards can be used for just about anything – different types of travel, once-in-a-lifetime attractions and concerts, name-brand merchandise, and even as cold-hard cash. But what are the best ways to redeem your AIR MILES? Read this guide to maximize your miles and enjoy the things you want even faster.

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2020’s Best Credit Cards In Canada

Discover the best credit cards in Canada for 2020 in 24 different categories. With over 178 cards considered, these cards rose to the top. So if you’re looking for a credit card that gives you the most cash back or travel rewards, we got your back. Or, if you’re looking to save the most money with 0% interest for 10 months ‒ we’ve got that covered too. The only thing left to do? Choose the best one for you.

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