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One of Amex’s best deals running for the last few months was increasing the value of cash redemptions with Amex Membership Reward points (which led to a particularly great offer for the Amex Platinum Card).

Right now, 1,000 points will give you $10 in statement credits.

However, September 30, 2020 will be the last day to take advantage of it (barring any last minute extensions).

After that date, your points will go back to the standard 1,000 points for $7 in cash value.

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Eligible Amex Membership Rewards cards

So which Amex Membership Rewards does this offer apply to?

It applies to all 3 personal cards that collect Membership Rewards:

So if you have one of these cards and want to get some cash for your points, act now to get more value out of your redemption.