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COVID-19 is changing how things are done.

And one area it’s affecting is how we pay for purchases in stores. Cash is being accepted less. And recently, Visa and Mastercard increased their tap limit to $250.

And now, American Express has finally followed suit.

Amex tap pay limit increased to $250

It’s been in the works for a couple of weeks, but Amex cards can now use tap (or contactless) payments for purchases up to $250.

For cardholders, you may have seen this email recently:

Amex tap payment limit increase
The normal limit is $100, but now you’ll be able to use your Amex card for up to $250 when you pay by tap.

And remember, this won’t just apply to Amex issued cards, this is also in effect for Scotiabank Amex cards.

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Your move Interac

With Amex increasing their tap limit, and Mastercard and Visa already having done so, we’re still waiting on Interac to increase their limit and join in.

Keep an eye on this page, which details tap limits for Interac debit transactions.

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Your turn

It’s nice to see the payment systems helping limit interactions in stores, even if it’s only to help limit contact with payment terminals.

What are your thoughts on the tap payment limit increases we’ve seen?

Let us know in the comments below.