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With travel in general grinding to a halt, Aeroplan has been stepping up and helping their members out.

They offered free cancellations on flight reservations, extended anyone who currently has Air Canada Altitude status until the end of 2021, and paused their mile expiry policy.

Aeroplan has now come out with a way to earn (or help earn) Altitude Status without having to step into an airplane.

Earn Air Canada Altitude 25K Status by earning 50,000 Aeroplan miles

Normally Altitude status is only earned by flying on Air Canada and other Star Alliance carriers.

But from April 21 to May 31, 2020, you can get Altitude 25K Prestige status just by earning 50,000 Aeroplan miles – no matter how they’re earned. And once you earn the status, you’ll keep it until the end of 2021.

But that’s a lot of miles to earn in a short time, so we’ll go over a few ways to help earn that amount. Almost any mile you earn will count towards this promotion.

You can register and see the full details of this promotion here.

Altitude Prestige 25K Status details

Before getting into earning those 50,000 miles, let’s go over what Prestige 25K status will give you.

When you become a status holder, you’ll get access to a bunch of VIP benefits – but they’re purely benefits you get when flying, and most of them when flying on Air Canada only.

There are core benefits that all 25K members get, and you also get to pick an additional 2 benefits from a list of 3.

You can see the full list of benefits here, but here are the bigger ones offered:

Plus you can choose 2 of these 3 benefits, for a little more personalized experience:

  • 25% bonus miles when you fly with Air Canada and select partners,
  • 2 Maple Leaf lounge guest passes, and/or
  • a 35% discount on a Maple Leaf Club membership.

Most of these benefits are pretty straightforward, but there’s one that could use a bit of explaining – the eUpgrade credits.

How Air Canada Altitude eUpgrade credits work

Your eUpgrade credits can be used to upgrade to Business or Premium Economy on flights operated by Air Canada.

Up to 48 hours before your flight leaves, you’ll be able to request an upgrade. The number of credits you need is based on both the length of your flight and your fare’s booking class. If you’ve booked a Latitude or Premium Economy seat, you can request an upgrade right after you’ve booked your flight.

When your upgrade window opens up, the number of credits needed will be shown. If there are upgrades available, you’ll be able to pick a new seat. If not, you’ll be placed on the waiting list for an upgrade. If you don’t get one, your credits will be returned to you.

Depending on the flight you’re looking at upgrading, there may also be a cash cost on top of the credits as well.

One point to note? You can’t upgrade all flights.

Here are a few instances where you won’t be able to upgrade:

  • Aeroplan reward tickets,
  • flights to select sun destinations (Mexico and the Caribbean), and
  • basic and standard economy fares.

You’ll need to purchase at least a flex fare to use your credits. To learn more about how eUpgrades work, the details are here.

For information on fare classes that can be upgraded, that information is here.

Ways to help you earn 50,000 miles

So how can you go about actually earning 50,000 miles in a month?

We’ll be honest, unless you have a large travel points bank in another program that can be transferred to Aeroplan, or are already working on a welcome bonus for an Aeroplan credit card, it probably won’t be possible to get this offer.

But if this does describe you, here are ways to help earn plenty of miles (that don’t include flying).

Shop at the Aeroplan eStore

For online shopping, use the Aeroplan eStore. There are over 100 merchants where you can earn at least 1 mile for every $1 spent, and many of them have bonus multipliers as well.

You can view offers and merchants on this page.

Transfer in miles from other programs

Aeroplan has plenty of transfer partnerships with other reward programs (many of them are hotel programs).

Here are a few of the more common ones, the transfer ratios, and how many points you would need to get 50,000 Aeroplan miles.

If you’re interested in the full list of transfer partners, click here.

Amex Membership Rewards

If you collect Amex Membership Rewards with either the or the , you can transfer points at a 1:1 ratio to Aeroplan.

50,000 points becomes 50,000 Aeroplan miles.

Note: For holders – your points are not eligible for airline transfers.

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Marriott Bonvoy

Aeroplan is one of the many airlines you can transfer Marriott Bonvoy points to.

Your points will transfer at a 3:1 ratio. However, for every 60,000 points you transfer, you’ll receive a 25% bonus.

So, if you transfer over 50,000 points, you would only end up with 16,666 Aeroplan miles. But if you transfer an additional 10,000 points, it becomes 25,000 miles.

To get the full 50,000 Aeroplan miles this way, you’ll have to transfer 120,000 Marriott points.

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Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors points can be transferred at a 10:1 ratio. Meaning you’ll need 500,000 Hilton points to get 50,000 miles.

There are plenty of other hotel programs that allow you to transfer points to Aeroplan. You can view which programs and the transfer rates on Aeroplan’s page.

Use an Aeroplan credit card

The only other easy way to earn miles is by using an Aeroplan credit card. Normally a new welcome bonus would be a great way to take advantage of this promo.

But there’s a small window for the promotion, and by the time you wait for your card in the mail, complete the necessary spending, there’s a good chance the promotion will have ended before your bonus points have been awarded.

If you already have one of these cards, the miles you’re earning will count towards the new promo, as long as they land in your account inside the promotion dates.

If you don’t have a card and want to at least give it a shot, here are the top Aeroplan offers to use. Just note that only one of them has a big enough bonus to get you all the miles in one swoop.

Credit Card Welcome Bonus Earn Rates Annual Fee, Income Requirements Apply Now
American Express Platinum 25,000 points (terms) * 3 points per $1 spent on dining
* 2 points per $1 spent on travel
* 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases
$699, no income requirements Apply Now
American Express Gold Rewards 25,000 points (terms) * 2 points per $1 spent on gas, groceries, drugstores and travel
* 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases
$150, no income requirements Apply Now
TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Up to 30,000 miles (terms) * 1.5 miles per $1 spent on eligible gas, groceries, drugstores and
* 1 mile per $1 spent on all other purchases
$120 (rebated for first year), 60K personal or 100K household income requirements Apply Now

The will give you 25,000 points after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months.

However, if you do transfer your points to Aeroplan (which is instant between Membership Rewards and Aeroplan), you’ll also be missing out on the great cash promo this card is running.

And remember, this card does have an annual fee of $699.

If you have some points but not enough, your next best bet is the .

You’ll earn 25,000 points after spending $1,500 in the first 3 months. It also has great earn rates, the best of any Aeroplan card:

  • 2 points per $1 spent on gas, groceries, drugstores, and travel, and
  • 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.

The other card to take a look at is the .

It has a total sign-up bonus of 30,000 miles, but the most you could earn from that in time for this promotion is 20,000 miles.

Why? Here’s the breakdown of how it’s earned:

  • 15,000 miles after your first purchase, and
  • 5,000 bonus miles every month you spend $1,000 in the first 3 months.

The promotion is only a little longer than a month, and you’ll only see 20,000 of those bonus miles.

However, this card also has the first year’s annual fee rebated, so there’s no upfront cost to earning these miles.

Earn Altitude qualifying miles and dollars

Beyond earning Prestige 25K status, you can also earn Altitude qualifying miles (AQM) and dollars (AQD) – as well as increased Altitude status.

Here’s the full list of what you can earn, and the number of Aeroplan miles you’ll need to earn to get them:

Aeroplan Altitude stay at home promotion

Your turn

It’s a good promotion, but for many, it’s probably not long enough to earn those 50,000 miles.

What are your thoughts on the promo?

Is it worth chasing or not?

Let us know in the comments below.