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Our travelling world is gradually starting to open up – at least within Canada for the time being.

And Air Canada and Aeroplan are doing what they can to get us travelling again.

They recently ran a flight sale promotion, and now they’re back with another.

Aeroplan Big Summer Miles Offer

Aeroplan Big Summer Miles offers

Aeroplan’s latest promotion gives you a choice – pay for a new flight and earn bonus miles, or redeem your miles and get some of them back.

Bookings have to be made by August 4th, 2020, and you have to complete your travel by September 30th, 2020 to be eligible for your bonus miles. All flights also have to be flown by Air Canada.

And this offer is available on all flights worldwide (although a trip to the U.S. right now is probably off limits). Just remember if you do decide to venture outside of Canada, you’ll be subject to a 2 week self-isolation period when you get back.

Here’s the overview of both offers. You’ll have to head to this site to register your Aeroplan number to be eligible (which also has the full details).

Earn up to 150% bonus miles when you book a new flight

Book a new flight with Air Canada, and you can earn up to 150% bonus miles. How much depends on the class of fare you book:

Aeroplan Summer Miles offer booking details
Just note that you won’t earn any bonus miles on basic economy fares.

Redeem your Aeroplan miles for a flight and get up to 40% back

If you have lots of Aeroplan miles hanging around, there’s an offer on Aeroplan reward flights too – up to 40% of your miles back.

Aeroplan Summer Miles offer rewards details
You’ll need to pay for the full cost of trip up front. You’ll get your miles back within 4 weeks after you’ve completed your travel.

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New offers for travelling

2 new offers for travelling on Air Canada.

Will you take advantage of either offer?

Let us know in the comments below.