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COVID-19 has been disrupting everything for 3 months now, shutting down our general travelling world.

However, with restrictions starting to loosen, you may be looking to scratch that travel itch. And Aeroplan is here with a great sale to make use of your Aeroplan miles.

Aeroplan flight sale June 2020

Get a 50% rebate on the miles used for flights within Canada and to the U.S.

It’s a stunning sale.

Book any flight operated by Air Canada within Canada or to the United States by July 1st, 2020, and you can get a rebate of 50% of the miles you used to book the flight.

This sale is valid for any flights booked until October 15, 2020. You can book one way or round trip flights, and the rebate works for both Fixed Mileage and Market Fare flights.

How the rebate works

This sale is a rebate, meaning you’ll have to pay the full cost for the flight up front.

Within 3 weeks of completing your flights, you’ll get a rebate for half of the miles you used to book your flight.

For full terms and conditions, this Aeroplan page has all the details.

Worried you might not be able to go?

Things can change rapidly, and right now travel to the U.S. probably isn’t the greatest idea, at least in the short term.

But, you can cancel your plans free of charge until August 31, 2020. If restrictions haven’t changed, or you feel uneasy about the trip you’re going to make, you can simply cancel your flights, and get all your miles, taxes, and fees you paid back, with no cancellation penalties involved.

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Things to remember

For travel within Canada, just be sure to know what restrictions are in place in the province you’re visiting (if you’re leaving your home province).

Right now, some provinces are severely restricting visitors and you won’t be able to just come for a visit (Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, for example, are only allowing essential workers to enter their provinces). And even if you can enter, you may be required to self isolate for 2 weeks when you arrive.

Be sure to know what will be required of you when you go to another province, and what may be required of you when you get back.

The same goes for the U.S. – pay attention to the government of Canada’s travel warnings and follow all the rules upon your return if you do decide to venture south of the border.

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An interesting sale

Aeroplan has an interesting sale here, at a time when provinces are starting to loosen restrictions.

What are your thoughts on this deal?

Personally, I wouldn’t even consider going to the U.S. this year. However, for a fall trip within Canada I might consider taking advantage, knowing that I can cancel without incurring penalties before the end of August.

For you, is it too soon to consider travelling, or will you book something and take a chance, knowing you can still cancel for free by August 31, 2020?

Let us know in the comments below.