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While this is old news now, we’ve written an analysis of the new Aeroplan Rewards program, outlining both the good and the bad of the Aeroplan program changes.

Aeroplan’s acquisition by Air Canada in July 2020 is starting to get closer – soon it’ll be just around the corner.

We’ve seen some announcements already this year, such as rewards flight refunds and changes, and earning Aeroplan miles on hotel and car rental bookings.

And another change has been recently announced, this time concerning Aeroplan Distinction status.

Aeroplan Distinction status being discontinued

When the takeover happens, Air Canada will discontinue Aeroplan Distinction status.

If you’ve already earned it for next year, you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits until the takeover occurs next July.

But after that, you’ll no longer be able to earn nor benefit from the status.

What is Aeroplan distinction status

Not sure what distinction status is? Here’s a quick rundown.

You can earn distinction status by spending on an Aeroplan-branded credit card, flying, and spending at other retail partners.

Just keep in mind bonus miles earned from your credit card as well as miles transferred in from other programs don’t qualify towards Distinction. For example, converting your Amex Membership Rewards and Marriott Bonvoy points to Aeroplan miles didn’t count towards your status.

In exchange for earning distinction, the program gives you some extra savings and earnings in the Aeroplan program. There are 3 tiers, and here’s what they offer:

Aeroplan distinction status benefits
The biggest benefits are a discount on Market Fare flights, plus getting bonus miles on cash bookings and at the Aeroplan eStore.

It’s certainly not great news, but it’s also not the end of the world.

Air Canada already operates Altitude Status for frequent flyers, and it doesn’t seem logical for Air Canada to run 2 separate elite programs at once. And besides those 2 benefits, distinction doesn’t offer much else – you’ll get better perks with Altitude.

That being said, here’s hoping that they make Altitude Status something that can be achieved outside of flying.

You can find out more about Altitude Status and what it offers on this page.

Best Aeroplan credit card

To earn status in Aeroplan, you’ll need an Aeroplan-branded credit card. That means our top Aeroplan credit card, the , can’t earn points towards Aeroplan status.

Our top-rated Aeroplan branded card is the TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite.

Earn up to 1.5 miles per $1 spent on your everyday purchases. And, get some great Air Canada benefits when travelling on Aeroplan rewards tickets, like priority check-in and the first free checked bag.

Your thoughts

What are your thoughts on this news?

Does this change your opinion on the upcoming Air Canada takeover of Aeroplan?

Let us know in the comments below.