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With COVID-19 forcing many to cancel travel plans, many airlines and reward programs have stepped up and made it easier to cancel or change plans without having to pay any fees.

And for Aeroplan flight bookings, there’s more good news on this front, regardless of when you booked or when you fly.

Aeroplan waiving cancellation fees until June 30, 2020 on flight rewards

If you have an existing booking, you can make free cancellations until June 30, 2020.

It doesn’t matter when it was booked or when you were scheduled to fly. You can get a full refund of both your miles and the taxes and fees you have to pay.

And for most bookings, you can cancel online and save the hassle of being on hold with the call centre.

Aeroplan’s COVID-19 page has the full details, including a how-to video on cancelling flight reservations online.

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Air Canada Altitude status

Have you earned Air Canada Altitude status for 2020? There’s some good news for you as well.

Your status will be automatically extended until the end of 2021. And, you’ll be able to pick new Altitude privileges in 2021 as well.

There’s one last bonus. If you’ve earned any Altitude status, you can gift your status to someone else for 2021, so both of you will be able to enjoy benefits.

Aeroplan also has this tease on their COVID-19 site:

Aeroplan Altitude status sneak peek
The only way to earn Altitude status is by flying with Air Canada and making donations with your miles to a few select charities.

So stay tuned, we’ll post this news when it comes out.

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It’s nice to see many companies helping out, offering financial assistance, and giving the ability to easily change travel plans.

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