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It’s not every day a rewards program turns 35 – so Air Canada and Aeroplan are here to celebrate.

The popular rewards program has launched a new Aeroplan promotion, giving away 35 million Aeroplan Miles to ten lucky winners, giving them 3.5 million miles each. If that wasn’t enough for you, they’re also holding a social post contest, so an extra 35 people will win 100,000 Aeroplan Miles if their social post is chosen.

If you’re an Aeroplan member, you may have seen an email that looks like this, and also has a link to the contest:

Aeroplan's 35th year promotion

For a deal that might seem too good to be true, you might find yourself asking a few questions…

Is it worth it?

You might be asking yourself… how much is an Aeroplan Mile really worth?

The answer is – if you happen to win the 3.5 million miles, and want to use them for travel, you’re going to be winning:

  • $87,500 on flights,
  • $29,050 on vacation packages or merchandise,
  • $25,550 on hotels,
  • $24,850 on gift cards, and
  • $22,400 on car rentals.

….and if you’re one of the “low winners” at 100,000 miles, there’s nothing to cry about, you’re going to be taking home:

  • $2,500 on flights,
  • $830 on vacation packages or merchandise,
  • $730 on hotels,
  • $710 on gift cards, and
  • $640 on car rentals.

Just note that the best value for your mile is by using them on flights in Canada or to the United States.

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How do I enter?

It’s pretty simple.

Register your Aeroplan account number, earn or redeem miles from August 22 to September 25, 2019, and you’ll get a contest entry.

The more you earn or redeem, the more chances you’ll get. Just keep in mind to provide your Aeroplan number or show your card each time.

As a bonus, if you share a picture of your dream vacation on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and use the #withAeroplan, and tag the people you’d like to go with – you’ll receive another entry going towards one of the 100,000 miles prizes (and there’s 35 of these available, so your chances are even better).

Members can participate in the social contest every day for 35 days.

Plus, you’ll get 35 entries by making a purchase using your Aeroplan affiliated financial card during the contest period.

What credit cards do those include?

We’re glad you asked.

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Best Aeroplan affiliated credit cards

We’ve gathered the best Aeroplan credit cards from their top issuers that have strong welcome bonuses, so even if you’re not a lucky winner – you’ll feel like one with these welcome bonuses.

Plus, remember you’ll get those 35 extra entries if you make your purchases with one of these cards.

Best TD Aeroplan card

The has a strong welcome bonus of 15,000 Aeroplan miles when you make your first purchase with your card and 10,000 extra miles when you make $2,000 in purchases within 90 days of account opening. It comes with a $120 annual fee, but it can be worth it if you keep in mind the value of the welcome bonus.

If you happen to not be a lucky winner, the welcome bonus alone will get you $625 towards your next adventure.

This card will also provide you with 1.5 Aeroplan Miles for every dollar spent on:

  • gas,
  • groceries,
  • drugstore purchases, and
  • purchases through Air Canada.

For all other purchases, you’ll receive 1 Aeroplan Mile – but don’t wait too long to apply, because the welcome bonus is only here until September 3, 2019.

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