The best thing about banks in Canada is all the options – you're free to choose what suits you and your spending best.

This also applies to their respective credit cards.

One common credit card myth is thinking that you're limited to what your specific bank offers – which is not the case. You're able to apply for any credit card under the Canadian sun and easily use it in conjunction with your existing bank account.

So if you have good credit, you've got a healthy list of options.

Big and small banks in Canada

You know there's more to Canadian banking than the Big 5. This short list: by no means complete.

You also have the option to deal with their smaller subsidiaries, like:

Not to mention credit card only banks like American Express, slightly smaller banks like National Bank, credit unions, and store-related banking solutions for the loyal customer.

Here's an overview of each one.

American Express credit cards

In the world of credit cards, American Express is hard to ignore. Their suite of cards consistently rank highest on our lists of best credit cards, and for good reason.

With competitive perks, rewards, and no income requirements ‒ their only downside is acceptance.

See all American Express credit cards in Canada.

BMO credit cards

As the very first bank in Canada, 200-year-old BMO has quite a wide selection of cards to offer. Most notably, their AIR MILES and SPC credit cards stand out from the crowd by offering competitive and rewarding products.

See all BMO credit cards.

Canadian Tire Bank credit cards

Canadian Tire Bank's credit cards allow you to earn Canada's second most popular form of currency – the Canadian Tire "Dollar" – on all your spending.

See all Canadian Tire Bank credit cards.

CIBC credit cards

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce offers a line of travel credit cards, namely their Aventura and Aeroplan branded cards.

See all CIBC credit cards.

Desjardins credit cards

A Canadian cooperative, Desjardins Group is the largest group of credit unions in Canada. Their credit cards, known for their suite of purchase and travel insurance, has a well-rounded variety of options available.

See all Desjardins credit cards.

Home Trust credit cards

Home Trust has gained popularity for its Preferred Visa card, one of few credit cards in Canada to offer no foreign exchange fees. But that's not all Home Trust is good for – they also have a great line of secured credit cards for rebuilding credit.

See all Home Trust credit cards.

HSBC credit cards

The largest bank in Europe can also be found on this side of the pond with their lion-clad line of credit cards.

See all HSBC credit cards.

Hudson's Bay credit card

North America's oldest company, the Hudson's Bay Company, has its own branded credit card, issued by Capital One, for their loyal shoppers.

See Hudson's Bay's credit card.

MBNA credit cards

A division of TD Bank, MBNA has some truly great credit cards to offer. Their Alaska Airlines branded credit cards, for example, are hidden gems in the travel category, and their True Line credit cards offer the best balance transfer deals currently available.

See all MBNA credit cards.

National Bank credit cards

As a runner-up to the Big 5, National Bank offers a comprehensive group of credit cards suitable for anyone, whether you're a big spender, a world-traveller, or you're just starting out with your first credit card.

See all National Bank credit cards.

RBC credit cards

With 1,355 branches in Canada alone, the biggest bank in Canada has a lot to offer. For the traveller, for example, you can choose between their own Avion, WestJet, British Airways, or Cathay Pacific branded credit cards, to name a few.

See all RBC credit cards.

Rogers Bank credit cards

One of Canada's biggest communications and media company offers its own line of cash back credit cards (if you hadn't already heard).

See all Rogers Bank credit cards.

Scotiabank credit cards

Scotiabank is the only Big 5 bank to offer credit cards from the American Express network ‒ making them the ONLY bank that offers Mastercard, Visa, and Amex cards. Their cards are getting quite used to sitting at the top of some of our yearly rankings, and they don't plan on coming down any time soon.

See all Scotiabank credit cards.

Tangerine credit card

Tangerine waltzed into the credit card game in 2014 bringing something new and refreshing to the table – the only credit card on the Canadian market that allows you to pick and choose your spending categories out of a list of 10.

See Tangerine's credit card.

TD Bank credit cards

Although they offer solely Visa credit cards, TD has a pretty well-rounded fleet to choose from. With some of the best Aeroplan credit cards on the market, you're sure to find what you're looking for with this big bank.

See all TD Bank credit cards.

Vancity credit cards

For the Vancouverites, there's Vancity – the largest community credit union in Canada.

See all Vancity credit cards.

Walmart Financial credit card

It comes as no surprise that one of Canada's largest retailers comes with its own branded credit card: the Walmart Rewards Mastercard.

See Walmart's credit card.

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